You see a surprise bag.
It weighs 10.00 oz.


Blue Surprise Bags were added during Tibia's 10th Anniversary, when any monster yielding 70+ experience could drop them. They could also be obtained during Tibia's 15th Anniversary from special Trolls, Frost Trolls and Swamp Trolls on certain raids and by asking Solkrin for present.

They are not worth much and can give the following items:
Green Balloons.gif Green Balloon
Red Balloons.gif Red Balloon
Cookie.gif 10 Cookies
Cream Cake.gif Cream Cake
Party Trumpet.gif Party Trumpet
Bar of Chocolate.gif Bar of Chocolate
Candy.gif 3 Candies
Party Hat.gif Party Hat
Party Cake.gif Party Cake
Fireworks Rocket.gif Fireworks Rocket
Piggy Bank.gif Piggy Bank

From a sample of 447 Surprise Bags there was no contradiction with the assumption that each of the 11 items has a 1/11 chance of being received.

See also: Surprise Bag (Blue)/Statistics and Surprise Bag (Red)

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Can be obtained in the Barbarian Arena Quest from the Greenhorn Arena and from Surprise Nests.
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