The suns of Tibia were created by Fardos, after studying the elements for aeons. He united with the element of fire, which bore him two children: Fafnar, a daguther, and Suon, a son. The two siblings were quite the opposite of eachother. While Suon was calm and considerate, his sister Fafnar would rather do nothing but ravage the world with her scorching flames. Suon grew tired of this behaviour and attacked his sister. Suon prevailed in this vicious battle, for he was stronger than his sister. This caused Fafnar to flee across the sky, in order to reach the safety of the underground. This is where fire, her elemental mother, lived. However, Suon would not give up and followed his sister all the way to the underworld. Fafnar then returns to the sky, to evade her brother. Suon continued his relentless chase and he does so to this day. For this reason, both of the suns disappear from the horizon for a time, causing the land to fall into darkness.

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