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Suns and Stars, Part I
It stands to reason that the stars and the suns influence the flow of magic. The astral patterns wax and wane like the tides, and it is not possible to perform certain summonings on inappropriate days, to give but one example. The study of astrology is pointing at further influences that go well beyond summoning creatures, though. For instance, the influence of the stars and the suns seems to increase with the power level of the performed incantation or ritual. The more mana is used in a spell the more it is susceptible to extratibian influence. For this reason it seems quite safe to assume that certain powerful rituals are only possible when the stars are correctly aligned. We consequently hope to achieve through close observation and through careful calculation a measure of exactness concerning the right timing of rituals which we did not dare dream of so far. Several magic incantations we have never managed to reproduce until now might actually be achieved once we know the ideal stellar constellations. This would explain why all our previous attempts to achieve these effects were doomed to fail.

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