Sunrise was the highest leveled character on Rookgaard for a few years. He was the first Rookgaardian to reach level 100 (September 8, 2006). He got level 100 in Rookgaard before the "weapon update" (katana with a +1 def) and before the level bonus (more damage each 5 levels) making his level 100 a real accomplishment. However there are people who accuse him to have cheated since he had unusual online time records. His last words before a long inactivity period said in Tibia were catch me if you can. After a few years on complete inactivity, he started to regularly log in and gather experience, then he retired himself again. He is currently at level 110.


Sunrise used to own the house Treetop 13 in Ab'Dendriel, but due to the fact that he retired himself, his premium time ran out and he lost it. He used to pay the monthly rent by sending parcels with money to his Ab'Dendriel depot (that was the system before the implementation of bank accounts).


It is also known that Sunrise used to be a counsellor, until the position was removed on May 16, 2006.


It is also rumored that he recieved some gifts from CipSoft for reporting bugs.

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