Update Tree Summer

Summer Updates are released between June and August and usually introduce big new features and changes.

Version Name Release Date Summary Changes


Summer Update 2005


August 09, 2005

The continent of Darama was extended by Tiquanda, measures against botters and macros were introduced, furniture packages, anti-luring and more.

  • Tiquanda, an extension to the Darama continent was added.
  • Dark Cathedral was added.
  • Worms are now needed to fish.
  • Soul Points were introduced to limit rune-making.
  • Furniture is now sold by NPCs in Furniture Packages
  • Anti-Luring feature that causes monsters pulled too far from their spawn point to vanish.
  • Spears now "break" instead of staying on the ground.
  • Small Stones, Throwing Knives and Throwing Stars can now be reused multiple times.
  • You can now walk over all stacked bigger objects like parcels, crates and chairs.
  • You can no longer conjure magic fields on impassable objects.
  • All boats and pyramids became protection zones.
  • Non-offensive runes will automatically affect the user if there are more than one character standing on the field.
  • Rope spots can no longer be blocked. You're always able to use a rope spot.
  • You can now buy runes from NPCs.



Summer Update 2006

Pirate Corsair

August 1, 2006

The Shattered Isles, addons, improvements to the hotkey system, Stamina, skinning and dusting and the loot ownership system.

  • The Shattered Isles were added to the game, composed of the isles of: Vandura, Meriana, Treasure Island, Forbidden Islands, Nargor and Calassa.
  • Creature corpses can only be opened in the first 10 seconds by the player that did the most damage. Corpses cannot be moved by anyone in this time frame.
  • Spawn blocking only affects the current floor.
  • Stamina was introduced.
  • Added the ability to use runes through the battle window.
  • A new hotkey system, allowing players to set if they want to use an item on themselves, the target or the selected area via crosshair.
  • If a boat or carpet NPC is busy, players can say "Please bring me to city" to be transported without waiting.
  • Now players can unlock and use addons for their outfits.
  • It is now possible to skin or dust certain creatures.
  • A lot of new creatures were added like Pirates and Quaras.



Summer Update 2007

Frost Dragon

June 26, 2007

New Ice Islands were added, Svargrond, vocation balancing changes and many new weapons.

Further announced for the same patch on August 9, 2007:

  • It is no longer possible to block the rafts on the Ice Islands by luring creatures on it.
  • A mailbox in the Edron depot has been moved to allow easier access from your depot box.
  • Some wrong stairs, floor tiles and wall stones have been replaced in the houses in Svargrond.
  • Spelling errors in NPC texts, raid messages and books have been corrected.
  • Several small map bugs have been fixed.



Summer Update 2008

Bog Raider

July 2, 2008

This update introduces the NPC Chat, Tutorial Island, Kazordoon wagon system, and many old areas were revamped.



Summer Update 2009


July 1, 2009

Many cities were revamped, the black skull was introduced, creature balancing changes, Marriage system, and more.



Summer Update 2010

Draken Elite

June 30, 2010

This update brought Achievements, stackatlbe runes and potions, a new area north of Zao.

  • Now you can earn achievements for performing certain actions or completing some quests. You will be able to show 5 of your Achievements on your character description of the tibia website.
  • The duration of the Field Runes was increased for the Optional PvP Worlds, now they will last the same time for Optional PvP and Open PvP Worlds.
  • You can now skin High Class Lizards with an obsidian knife in order to obtain Lizard Leather.
  • The mystery behind the 'ancient evil' causing the decay and corruption in Zao will be revealed.
  • Creatures will not drop loot in bags anymore but are directly visible when opening the creature.
  • Runes and Potions will become stackable. Runes have their weights adjusted: each rune weighs roughly 2.1 / (amount of charge in full rune in old system). Potions' weights are also adjusted to factor in the backpacks required: each potion gained 0.9 (18/20) oz, (i.e. 18 is the weight of a Backpack, 20 is the amount of slots in a backpack).
  • Unified Spells. In the screen and the default channel it will be show only the name of the spell. For example: "Ex Ura" or "exura ""im the best sorcerer" will be show as exura.
  • Overcharged runes currently existing will become "glowing keepsake items".
  • Key Rings will become Jewelled Backpacks, and inside each jewelled backpack will spawn a Broken Key Ring to compensate for the loss of the container.
  • Players will be able to report illegal statements in Party Channels, Guild Channels, Private Chat Channels, the Default Channel as well as in the Private Message Channel.
  • Items will automatically stack (food and money from npcs, creature products skinned).
  • Dead Fire Elementals do not drop Fire Fields but "Remains of an elemental"
  • Added the "Kick"-Feature to the most important Captains to prevent blocking/trapping on boats.
  • Crystalline Armor and Swamplair Armor are now sellable to Rashid for 16,000gp



Summer Update 2011

Mad Mage

July 6, 2011

World Changes were introduced, new mounts and many new items were added.

  • The Castlemania achievement cannot be missed anymore, but can be completed even if the wrong decisions were previously taken.
  • Dustbins have been removed from player houses.
  • Your health and mana will be refilled whenever you advance to a new level.
  • You do not lose items anymore when dying on Rookgard.
  • All wand-trading NPCs buy spellwands from the April's fools event for 299 gp.
  • You will now get a message if your questlog has been updated.
  • Eclesius' Scatterbrained Sorcerer questline has been redesigned.
  • Magical torches from the Lightbearer world event as well as powders and letters from the Colours of Magic world event now expire and vanish after the respective event is over even if they are stored in a depot box.
  • The following items can now be carried as light sources in the extra slot in your inventory: candlestick, candlestick lit, golden Fafnar trophy, silver Fafnar trophy, stone of wisdom, devovorga statue
  • Adjustments have been made in the Lightbearer event, the Devovorga event and the Mutated Pumpkin raid.



Summer Update 2012


July 11, 2012

Gnome related areas and quest, Training Schools, some new houses and some new mini world changes were added to Tibia.



Summer Update 2013 Part 1


July 17, 2013

This update introduced smoother walking animations, revamped Drefia and Ab'Dendriel and added many new raids.

  • Revamp and expansion of Drefia, including new creatures and a quest.
  • Revamp of Ab'Dendriel and addition of small areas in Hellgate visited during new daily tasks.
  • Reevaluation of the raid system — in comparison to raids before Winter 2011, the time interval between each raid will be reduced by at least 20% from up to 50%. Also, new raids and bosses will be implemented.
  • Smooth walking for player outfits, using an 8 sprites animation instead of the current 2. Check the Outfiter for all other outfits.
  • It is now possible to zoom in/out of the Automap using a mouse wheel.
  • The way monsters target players has been changed. They should no longer target unreachable players with any attack.
    Note: because of a bug which caused server lags (at e.g. Warzone 1) this was temporarily disabled.
  • Nilsor's Waterskin's weight has been changed from 0.10 oz to 7.00 oz.
  • Council Certificate is no longer viewable on the Market.
  • Vampire Brides can now be dusted.
  • Demon Skeletons, Liches and Vampires had their loot adjusted.

Further announced for the same patch on July 23, 2013:

  • Addressed an issue where announced raids did not spawn correctly.
  • Fixed several issues in Drefia.
  • A fail chance was added when using a Fir Cone to create a Golden Fir Cone.

Further announced for the same patch on July 31, 2013:

  • Few map bugs were fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the message that you are still blessed with Twist of Fate was not displayed if a character had all Blessings including Twist of Fate, and wore an Amulet of Loss upon death through a monster.

Further announced for the same patch on August 1, 2013:

  • Fixed an issue with broken stairs in Drefia that could get players trapped. You can now use the stairs in both directions.

Further announced for the same patch on August 9, 2013:

  • Implemented a measure to mitigate the negative impact that such extensive connection issues have on player's game experience.
    • If a death counts as a PvE death, this means any death that is not a PvP death, and is a direct consequence of exceptional connection issues such as a heavy DDoS attack, the character will not receive any death penalty. It will be teleported to the temple but will neither lose experience, nor skills, nor items, nor blessings, nor an Amulet of Loss.

Further announced for the same patch on August 21, 2013:

  • The recently introduced measures to alleviate the impact of DDoS attacks will be finetuned and improved further.
    • Since the server needs some time to analyze the situation that caused a character death, it cannot compensate you for your character's death immediately. For this reason, your character will be compensated upon one of your next logins.
    • Your skill and experience loss will be given back to you, and you will receive blessing charms in your inbox for your lost blessings. You will be notified about this compensation in the client.



Summer Update 2013 Part 2

Outfit Cave Explorer Male Addon 3

September 18, 2013

This update introduced The Spike, the reward system and improved creature AI.

Further announced for the same patch on September 24, 2013:

  • Addressed several minor PvP bugs:
    • Fixed an issue that led to a PZ block for protectors in white hand mode.
    • Addressed an issue with unjustified kills for yellow skulled players.

Further announced for the same patch on October 9, 2013:

  • Adjustments of Their Master's Voice World Change:
    • From now on, characters who have removed 25 slime fungi or more will lose their right to face the Mad Mage once the mage has been killed, even if they have not participated in the fight. So if the world change starts anew, their slime counter will be reset to zero. The slime counter will not be reset for characters who have not yet removed enough slime to face the Mad Mage. Moreover, the whole world change will start anew if the Mad Mage does not get killed within two hours after the entire area has been cleaned from slime.
  • Adjustments of The Mage's Tower World Change:
    • In order to weaken the Energized Raging Mage, 2000 Yielothax need to be killed now. To be able to take part in the fight against the Raging Mage, a character has to kill 250 Yielothax from now on. Yielothax Dimension will now collapse 5 minutes after the Raging Mage has been killed. Furthermore, the world change will now start once a day as opposed to once every two days, and it will take place at a random time after server save.
  • Adjustments of The Mummy's Curse World Change:
    • Horestis now spawns in a separate room. Only those who destroyed a Canopic Jar can face Horestis in his crypt as long as the bone wall in his tomb is gone. The right to fight against Horestis will not expire as long as you do not face him in his crypt. Moreover, you can fight Horestis once for each canopic jar you manage to destroy. Since more players can now face Horestis while his crypt is accessible, the drop chance of his rare loot has been reduced accordingly except for the Scorpion Sceptre which is still a guaranteed drop.
  • The Spirit Grounds Mini World Change is now announced correctly on The World Board in the Adventurers' Guild.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Shadow Pupils, Blood Hands, and blood pupils from counting towards the necromancer killing task of Lugri.
  • In What a Foolish Quest, Bozo now also accepts a box of cream pies if it has been transported via the Gnomish Crystal Teleport System.
  • Addressed an issue that led to an unintended re-spawn of The Pale Count after he was killed.
  • Fixed a small inconsistency with the Repenters task "Cultivated Magic" that made it possible to repeat the task 20 hours after it had been accepted. Like all other Repenters tasks, it can now be repeated 20 hours after it has been completed.
  • An issue was fixed that allowed free account players to enter The Spike and the Spirit Grounds although these hunting grounds are premium areas.
  • Kalvin now mentions the Cave Explorer Outfits. Also, missing highlights for outfit keywords were added.
  • Addressed a rare issue where the teleport to the warzone boss Deathstrike could be blocked by a Humorless Fungus.
  • A few map bugs and typos were fixed.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues on the Island of Destiny.

Further announced for the same patch on October 15, 2013:

  • Until further notice, the Mad Mage is disabled.
  • Horestis does now spawn in his crypt, once the bone wall is open.
  • Addressed an issue where the teleport in The Spike could be blocked by NPC Gnommander.
  1. ^ As written by Tjured on September 20, 2013 here.



Summer Update 2014

Glooth Golem

July 7, 2014

A new continent was added: Oramond, with many new creatures, items and quest lines.

  • The continent of Oramond was implemented, with its city Rathleton
  • Glooth Engineer Outfits were added.
  • Many animations were improved.
  • A new bonus system for shared experience:
    • Shared experience: 20% (for all combinations) plus
    • 2 different vocations 10%
    • 3 different vocations 40%
    • 4 different vocations 80%
  • Varying Monster Spawns

Further announced for the same patch on July 15, 2014:



Summer Update 2015

Midnight Asura

July 21, 2015

This update introduced Tibia Coins, many new hunting areas, mount-specific achievements, more sellable items to NPCs and more.

Further announced for the same patch on August 3, 2015:

Further announced for the same patch on August 4, 2015:

  • The automatic colour rotation of Crystal Pedestals was stopped since the behaviour could cause ingame difficulties



Summer Update 2016

Blade of Remedy (Overcharged)

May 31, 2016

This update added weapon charging, automatic payments from Bank Accounts, Monster Arena and and a new questline.

  • Vortices can now appear all over the world through which one can enter an otherworld where the forces work in a strange manner. It is a World Change. You need to enter these vortices to complete challenges and eventually save the world. They can appear in the Kha'labal desert (here), on the Zao Steppe (here), or on the Formorgar Glacier (here).
  • The new weapons that are implemented can be charged temporarily with new item effects: Critical Hits, Hit Points Leech, and Mana Leech.
  • Any new accesories can now get implemented with up to two permanent skill boosts.
  • Premium players no longer need to bring any money to pay for services or wares, as the concerned NPCs now deducts any money missing from their inventory from their Bank Account.
  • Monster Arenas were implemented.
  • You can now view your Speed in the Skills Window. Also, hovering over boosted skills will tell you their base value and the boost that applies.
  • Every time you use a mana potion a number will now appear indicating how much mana you just gained.
  • The colour of the number indicating how much health you gained from a health potion was changed to red.
  • The Umbral Master Bow and the Umbral Master Crossbow were both enhanced with a +3 Distance Fighting skill bonus.
  • A total of 6 new mounts were added to the game. 3 as part of the new quest, the rest to be added to the store after June 10, 2016.
  • Several existing sprites were updated.



Summer Update 2017


July 25, 2017

This update brought the implementation of Daily Reward System, removal of Enchanting and Charging, a new area called Feyrist.



Summer Update 2018

The Scourge of Oblivion

July 3, 2018

This update brought the implementation of the Supply Stash, and new hunting grounds such as Falcon Bastion and Secret Library.

  • Captain Charles in Port Hope offers cheaper boat trips to Thais, Edron, Liberty Bay or Yalahar. However, you might get caught in a storm and end up on a random, secluded island.
  • The castle of the long-forgotten Order of the Falcon was found deeply carved into the mountain near Edron.
  • A new ancient site under Darama Desert is protected by powerful and complicated mechanisms.
  • A strange portal was discovered during the extension of the Museum of Tibian Arts. This portal work as a passage for sinister creatures into the museum.
  • The Asura Palace is expanded, with new creatures, a new quest and a new miniboss.
  • Somewhere in a Lost Temple at Tiquanda, the Deeplings-descendants Deathlings are gathering.
  • Implementation of an automatic screenshot feature which takes and saves screenshots of special events like a death, a player kill or a character level up.
  • A new status bar can be activated in the HUD submenu of the options menu. It can be placed left, right, above or beyond your game window and displays bigger health and mana bars.
  • Many new creatures and a new creature difficulty category (harmless) have been added to the Bestiary. Each creature entry now shows the rarity of a creature. "Very Rare" creatures require only 5 kills to complete their entry. Based on their difficulty, completed entries of "Very Rare" creatures provide 5 (Harmless), 10 (Trivial), 30 (Easy), 50 (Medium) or 100 (Hard) Charm Points.
  • A new premium feature called Supply Stash will be accessible via the lockers in the depots. All stackable items which are tradeable via the Market (except those bought via the Store and Tibia Coins) can be stowed into the Supply Stash. The Supply Stash offers filtering methods and a search bar to find items more quickly. Items that are taken out of the stash are sorted into the different loot containers of the player's inventory according to the individually set loot container rules. The Supply Stash is connected to Imbuing Shrines. Stocked Creature Products are therefore automatically taken from the stash if you only have an insufficient number of the required creature products in your inventory.
  • Standing on a Glowing Tile allows you to open the preselected Market interface of an item when you click on "Show in Market" in the item's context menu.
  • The mystical library of Zathroth is implemented. Its guards are more powerful than any monster found before. There are five boss battles which can be repeated every 20 hours. A new outfit and mount can be obtained here.
  • The Cyclopedia Map offers a "discover" feature that places several Points of Interest in a subarea. In order to fully discover a subarea, you will have to find seven of them. Fully discover enough subareas of an area to unlock additional markers and information for that area like NPC markers, passage markers and notations for upcoming raids.
  • New background artwork for Tibia.com, see it here.
  • New login screen, see it here.
  • Additional changes:
    • Changes in the A Pirate's Death to Me event: The Spectral Scums are no longer to be found in the respective cities but outside the gates of the cities.
    • The Bestiary now also lists loot that only drops during special events (e.g. Coloured Eggs). If the event is currently not active, the respective loot icon is grayed out.
    • The name of the killed monster is now included in the cooperative loot (Reward Chest) message. In addition, long item lists in those messages should no longer be cut off since the maximum character restriction was raised.



Summer Update 2019

King Zelos

July 29, 2019

This update introduced Issavi, depot search, badges, titles and other client improvements.

  • New major city, Issavi, located on the island of Kilmaresh. You can travel to Issavi taking the boat from Venore, Krailos and Oramond, as well as taking the Magic Carpet from Darashia.
  • Grave Danger Quest: new quest in which you have to defeat 5 bosses to gain access to a final boss and receive a new outfit as reward.
  • Kilmaresh Quest: explore the new island and complete missions for the NPCs to receive the taming item of a Gryphon.
  • You now have the option to hide some Server Log Channel messages, and a new system to prevent server message spam on the Game Window was released.
  • It became possible to search for items inside your Locker. After searching for an item, you can see each individual stack of it and navigate to the container they are in, move them to another container or stow them.
  • New client feature: the Friend Lists. Here, you are be able to add friends based on the name of their Main Character. Friends can see each others online status, last login, account status, loyalty title, list of unhidden characters and character summary, all within the client and regardless of the game world they are from.
  • Badges was implemented. Badges are account-based accomplishments that you can display to your friends and on the character page. Badges can be received based on the account age, loyalty points, the sum of character levels, or tournaments.
  • Titles are similar to badges, but character-based. There are titles for monster kills in combination with the Cyclopedia, quests you have done for mounts or outfits, the amount of ingame gold you have, levels you have reached, experience wise as well as skill levels, titles referring to your guild function, or titles that are connected to highscores, tournaments etc.
  • A new widget, the Party List will be implemented. Using this widget players are able to keep track of their Party's members Health and Mana, as well as filter and sort them, similar to the Battle Window.
  • The Battle Window was upgraded. It is now possible to open multiple Battle Windows, name them as you please and filter them with the existing filters as well as with Vocation filters.



Summer Update 2020

Goshnar's Megalomania

July 13, 2020

New major quest, the Soul War Quest, best in slot equipment, new charms, a Team Finder on the client and more.

  • New quest: The Order of the Lion Quest, which takes places in Bounac, and isle situated between Thais and Meriana. The quest is centered on the Order of the Lion creatures such as the Lion Knight and its bosses may drop new mid-level (level 220 to 270) items. The quest is the final one on the trilogy of the Ancient Orders of King Xenom. The difficulty range of this place is similar to that of the Falcons.
  • Expansion of the Grimvale Quest with addition of the An Ancient Feud mission. The story takes place in new areas in Darashia related to the werecurse with new were-creatures such as Werehyaenas and Werelions. The new monsters are a bit stronger than werebears and wereboars.
  • New main questline, the Soul War Quest. Go deeper into Zarganash to find five new areas meant for high level players (over level 1000). Beating the final boss will be especially rewarding, since new best-in-slot items will be introduced.
    • Each of the hunting grounds has its own mechanics and requires you to overcome challenges specific to the area before you can face the boss of that hunting ground.
    • Some of the new monsters have special tricks up their sleeve. The monsters in each hunting ground attack with two kinds of elements:
  • There will be a new Bestiary difficulty level called Challenging. Detailed stages of challenging entries will be revealed once a player kills 200, 2000, and 5000 monsters respectively of its kind. Completing the entry grants 100 charm points for every ordinary (not very rare) challenging monster.
  • The following three new Charms will be implemented:
    • Divine Wrath: Offensive charm. Triggers on a creature with a certain chance and deals 5% of its initial hit points as Holy Damage once.
    • Vampiric Embrace: Passive charm. The current Life Leech amount of a player will be increased by 4%. This goes only into effect if life leech is already active through equipped items.
    • Void's Call: Passive charm. The current Mana Leech amount of a player will be increased by 2%. This goes only into effect if mana leech is already active through equipped items.
  • The following three Charms will be adjusted:
    • Gut: Gutting creature now yields 20% more Creature Products instead of only 10% and its cost was decreased from 2000 to 800 charm points.
    • Scavenge: Now enhances your chances to successfully skin/dust a skinnable / dustable creature by 25% instead of only 10% and its cost was decreased from 1500 to 800 charm points.
    • Bless: Blesses you and reduces skill and experience loss by 10% instead of only 3% when killed by the chosen creature and its cost was decreased from 2000 to 800 charm points.
  • Highscore Extension:
    • The highscore section on the official website will have a filter option which will make it able to compare players across all game worlds.
    • The stats will be updated hourly.
    • New categories:
      • Charm Points: This category will show how many points a player has earned so far, no matter whether the charm points have been spent or not.
      • Goshnar's Taint: New category for the new Zarganash bosses. Killing one of the five normal bosses yields one point, slaying the final boss results in ten points given.
    • It will be possible to check the Highscores via the client. Your character will be highlighted in the ranking.
  • There will be new Character Titles related to the new highscore categories.
  • It will be possible to import and export Client Settings from now on.
  • Team Finder: New feature to find and assemble teams for hunts and quests.
  • In the Manage Loot Containers you can now see what items you have declared Accepted Loot and which ones are Skipped Loot. You can also easily remove items from that list again and jump directly to the item's entry in the Cyclopedia.

Further announced for the same patch on July 13, here and here:

  • Fix a few map issues and that could cause some players to get stuck.
  • Fix a critical issue that had resulted in empty houses in Thais.

Further announced for the same patch on July 16:

  • Changes made to the Claustrophobic Inferno:
    • Once players have left a room with a two minute timer, they have to wait two minutes before they can enter this place again.
    • A few creatures with ranged attacks have been added to these areas.
    • The teleporters which led to the hub now lead to the hunting ground's safe zone.

Further announced for the same patch on July 17:

  • Changes made to the Claustrophobic Inferno:
    • Once players have left a room with a two minute timer, they have to wait five minutes before they can enter this place again.



Summer Update 2021

Megasylvan Yselda

July 12, 2021

New major quest in Bounac, new area in Issavi, new warzones, new world boss, Tibiadrome and more.

  • New quest which takes places in Bounac and underneath it with creatures similar in strength to those of the Kilmaresh Catacombs. In order to start this quest, it is required to have finished The Order of the Lion Quest.
  • Two new areas added to Kilmaresh, Ruins of Nuur and Salt Caves. No previous quest required to access it. The Kilmaresh Quest was expanded and received two new missions: Wanted and Aspiring Oracle.
  • New quest Too Hot to Handle involving the gnomes and "Those Below" continuing the lore of the Dangerous Depths Quest implemented with the Winter Update 2017. Such quest will require players to engage in repeatable missions, like digging their way through a lava wall while keeping monsters and their heat level in check. The more missions are made, more the "crystal shield" is upgraded and more areas one can visit and the longer one can hunt. The difficulty range of this new area is similar to that of the Asura Vaults.
  • A new world boss which appears about twice a year: The Abomination. Ten teleporters placed all over Tibia lead to ten different rooms. In four (randomly chosen) rooms, a mini boss will appear in each. All four mini bosses have to be defeated for teleporters to appear which take you to the final boss. Only Premium players can enter the teleporters. Its strength is expected to be similar to Gaz'haragoth.
  • Two new houses in Issavi: Marketplace 3 (here) and Hanging Gardens 1 (here).
  • Citizen of Issavi Outfits are now available to players. Outfit Citizen of Issavi Male Addon 3Outfit Citizen of Issavi Female Addon 3
  • New types of items modifiers were be implemented:
    • Specialised Magic Levels: items will be able to receive a magic level modifier for specific elements, e.g. "fire magic level +2", which means only fire damage spells are boosted. Possible elements include Fire, Earth, Energy, Ice, Holy, Death and Healing.
    • Cleave: on weapons with this modifier, the melee attacks will also cause damage to creatures adjacent to the main target and the player (called secondary targets), as shown below. A weapon with e.g. "Atk:10 physical + 50 fire, 10% Cleave" hits secondary targets with 1 physical and 5 fire atk.
      • Charms and leeches will not be triggered on secondary targets.
      • Secondary targets with damage reflection also reflect the Cleave damage back to the player.
      • Targets positioning:
Secondary target Main Target Seconary target
Unaffected Player Unaffected
Unaffected Unaffected Unaffected
Main Target Secondary target Unaffected
Secondary target Player Unaffected
Unaffected Unaffected Unaffected
    • Magic Shield Capacity: this modifier increases the amount of mana in the players' Magic Shield, both from the Spell and from the Magic Shield Potion. For example, a spellbook with "+50 Magic Shield Capacity, +5% Magic Shield Capacity" will increase a base magic shield of 500 to 575 (500 × 1.05 + 50).
      • The proportional increase is additive with other items. On the case above, a second item with "+20 Magic Shield Capacity, +2% Magic Shield Capacity", would lead to a magic shield of 605 (500 × (1 + 0.05 + 0.02) + 50 + 20).
    • Perfect Shot (aka Range Bonus): attacks dealt from the exact distance of the modifier will have a flat bonus damage. A bow with "+25 bonus at range 5" that would deal e.g. 250 damage on a target on range 4 would have dealt 275 damage on the same target at range 5.
      • This bonus only affects basic attacks and not spells, runes or charms.
      • Since this is a flat damage bonus, it's not affected by the player's level, skill or any other factor.
      • When using area-ammunition such as Diamond Arrows, only the main target receives additional damage.
    • Damage Reflection: players wearing shields with this modifier will partially reflect melee damage back on the attacker. An item with "20 damage reflection" will reflect a maximum of 20 flat damage:
      • The reflected damage cannot be greater than 1% of the maximum hit points of the attacker. This 1% limit must be respected even if the player is wearing more than one item with damage reflection.
      • Damage reflection cannot trigger charms or leeches.
      • Damage reflection also works on PvP combat.
      • Reflected damage cannot be reflected back by creatures with Damage Reflection abilities.
  • Additional Action Bars: it is now possible to have up to 9 total action bars in the client, three on the left, three on the bottom and three on the right side of the game window.
  • Mount and Outfit Presets:
    • Instead of clicking through all outfits or mounts to select your desired one, it is now possible to select them from a scrollable list or even search them by name using a text box.
    • A combination of outfit, mount and familiar and their colors can be saved as a preset and easily loaded again. It is possible to copy and paste the preset to share it with other players.
  • Hunting Tasks Expansion: Challenging Creatures is now also available as Hard tasks. New decorative rewards were be added to Walter Jaeger.
  • Tibiadrome: The replacement for the Monster Arenas. Fight solo or in a team up to 5 people against monsters without spending any supply, advance as many rounds as you can in order to get drome points, concoctions (potions with unique effects), Character Titles, and climb the leaderboards and a new highscore category (Drome Score). Drome points can be exchanged for decorative items and cosmetics.
  • The Depot item limit of 10,000 items for Premium Account players has been raised to 15,000.

Further announced on July 14, 2021, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

Further announced on July 15, 2021, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fixed an issue which allowed more than one group of players to enter one of the Too Hot to Handle Quest tasks at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in players getting thrown out of a Too Hot to Handle task prematurely.



Summer Update 2022

Timira the Many-Headed

July 18, 2022

Implementation of Marapur, Bosstiary, some quality of life features and more.

  • New island south of Roshamuul, Marapur, which is inhabited by the Nagas.
  • New hunting places with a difficulty level similar to Asura Palace, Lion Sanctum and Lower Roshamuul.
  • The second addon of the Discoverer Outfits are now available to players. Outfit Discoverer Male Addon 2Outfit Discoverer Female Addon 2
  • Three new houses and one new guildhall.
  • One new mount.
  • New achievements.
  • New decorative items.
  • A new filter option for the Search Locker widget in which you can select trader NPCs like Rashid, the Djinns, as well as Esrik.
  • A search field will be available to search through all goods the NPCs have in stock. This feature can be hidden in case you want to.
  • The limit of stackable items you buy or sell to NPCs will be raised from 100 to 10,000. Additionally, you will be warned if you try to buy or sell something over 100 times to avoid unforgiveable mistakes.
  • Items that have a certain amount of charges, or effects that last for a certain duration will receive an indicator to inform you about how much time or how many charges are left.
    • Duration of imbuements is not covered by this indicator.
  • Health and mana arcs will now be adjustable and you will be able to set their opacity, the distance of the arcs, as well as between three different sizes.
  • A new hunting mechanic for creatures within Gnomprona: hazard system.
  • A new colossal cavern discovered by the gnomes, Gnomprona
    • Gnomcruiter has been sent to Noodles Academy of Modern Magic in Edron to look for skilled warriors of at least level 250 who have shown their dedication to a cause by having made some progress in Marapur.
    • In terms of difficulty, Gnomprona starts on par with Secret Library. However, with the hazard system, primordial creatures get more and more dangerous and challenging the more they resonate with those who are out to hunt them, reaching difficulty levels beyond Soul War.
    • Access via Cormaya steamboat.
  • New primordial creatures, some of them never seen before while others were believed extinct.
  • New outfit, Fire-Fighter, and an achievement related to it.
  • 12 new best in slot equipments, for the slots that do not have a Soul War piece
  • Bosstiary, a new Cyclopedia addition which allows you to check which and how many bosses you have killed. It rewards your character with useful benefits for making progress there.
  • Each boss entry has three progress levels: Prowess, Expertise and Mastery. Unlocking a new progress level rewards the character with boss points. Higher progress levels yield more boss points.
    • Prowess allows you to assign this boss to a boss slot, which will grant you benefit of an equipment loot bonus of 25%. The first boss slot is unlocked when unlocking Prowess for the very first time, while the second slot is be unlocked once you reach 1500 boss points.
    • Expertise allows you to display the boss on a Podium of Vigour, in your house or guildhall, in a similar way that Podium of Renown displays outfits and mounts. Your character will receive one free podium for unlocking Expertise for the very first time. Afterwards, you can buy additional podiums for gold at an NPC.
    • Mastery grants you an additional 25% equipment loot bonus to the bosses assigned to a boss slot.
  • Equipment bonus loot chance is the chance to receive another set of equipment loot from the bosses in a boss slot. At release date, the loot bonus can increase incrementally between 25% and 193%, depending on how many boss points a character has. This can be increased further in the future if more boss points are made available (i.e. if more bosses are released as part of the bosstiary)
    • Equipment loot bonus covers most pieces of loot that can be equipped. It does covers items that contains equipments, like the Bag You Desire. However, it does not cover "unique items", like Ferumbras' Hat, even though that is a helmet slot item that can be equipped.
  • The number of boss kills required for each progress level depends on the how often the respective boss can be killed within a certain amount of time. There are three categories:
    • Bane: Bosses which can be killed more than once by a character within 20 hours, e.g. Zugurosh.
    • Archfoe: Bosses which do not fall into the Bane category and which can be killed once every 20 up to 48 hours, e.g. Scarlett Etzel.
    • Nemesis: Bosses which neither fall into the Bane nor the Archfoe category since they appear less often or have a longer cooldown than 48 hours, e.g. Ferumbras.
  • New temporary and permanent character titles related to Bosstiary progress.
  • New highscore "Boss Points".
  • Daily Boosted Boss: With every server save, a randomly drawn boss of the Archfoe category will receive a temporary boost until next server save. During that time, slaying the selected Archfoe will count as three kills for your Bosstiary and the boss will also carry more equipment loot than usual. If a boss is selected as daily boosted boss, its cooldown will be reset for every character with server save to ensure that it can be slain in time. Similar to the daily boosted creature, the daily boosted boss will be shown in the client and also on the website which will also be expanded by the section "Boostable Bosses". It will also be displayed in the Tibia Observer app.
  • Cooldown tracker for bosses.



Summer Update 2023


July 10, 2023

Implementation of Oskayaat, Paradise Lost Quest, Rotten Blood Quest, new best in slot equipment, and more.

  • Implementation of the Paradise Lost Quest, a continuation of the Grimvale Quest storyline that takes place in a new island called Oskayaat.
  • The Wheel of Destiny receives preset options to allow players to switch between different configurations more easily, and a new planner tool feature in the website to allow players to preview and plan their wheel.
  • Implementation of a visual Loot Highlight on corpses, a new widget for Bosstiary Tracker, and new configurations to help organize items obtained from NPC traders or the Stash.
  • Implementation of the Monster Reference Level, to make hunting grounds more difficult for characters under a certain level cap.[1]
  • Implementation of the Rotten Blood Quest, introducing Bakragore as the root of the rotten evil that has defiled the once hallowed halls of the blood god's temple, also known as the Lord of Sanguine Tides.
    • Extra challenging 5-man bosses and gameplay mechanics for high level players, especially those who already conquered Soul War and Gnomprona.
    • New best in slot gear: Sanguine Set. Weapons for all vocations, legs (Knights, Paladins) and boots (Druids, Sorcerers). They have Sanguine Powers, Augments that enhance some of the vocation's finest spells. They can be obtained by defeating bosses in the new Rotten Blood Quest, as well as through Crimson Offerings, a new way of obtaining best in slot gear.
    • Bakragore's Taints, Bakragore's Final Taint, and Bakragore's Burden are new mechanics to increase both the difficulty and the rewards further.
    • Addition of the Blood Vestibule, an underground hub connecting four hunting grounds. In addition to monsters and their main elemental damages, each hunting ground has a core mechanic that will challenge players even further, aiming at a dynamic high risk/high reward hunting experience:
      • Jaded Roots: Earth/Physical/Fire damages. Chance of spawning a decaying totem upon the death of a monster. This totem sets off four consecutive ring spells in expanding ripples, each of them dealing considerable damage, before it vanishes.
      • Putrefactory: Death/Ice/Energy damages. Indestructible rotating totems are scattered in this hunting ground. They unleash large wave spells. If a creature dies near a totem, the damage that is dealt through the totem increases.
      • Gloom Pillars: Holy/Fire/Earth damages. Characters absorb dark energy here. If the dark energy of a character reaches a certain number of charges, a painful chain spell triggers on top of the character dealing Agony Damage. If there are other characters nearby, the chain spell can hit up to 5 targets with increasing agony damage.
      • Darklight Core: Energy/Physical/Ice damages. Creatures can put a Darkfield below characters. It can be compared to a fire field but it deals considerable agony damage instead. A darkfield can only be destroyed through Destroy Field Runes, but will always inflict damage on the initial target.
  • New Promotion Scrolls, that grant up to 50 additional points for a character to spend in the Wheel of Destiny.



Summer Update 2024


July 01, 2024

Implementation of the Sweet Dreams and the Podzilla quests, new weapons, the Rootwalker Outfits, the Soulpit, the Fragment Workshop, and new convenience features.

  • All information connected to Augments that increase damage or healing will be converted to percentage values. This is a purely cosmetic change that brings benefits for comparison and transparency.
  • Implementation of the Threatened Dreams Quest - Sweet Dreams, set in an exquisitely designed new environment called Candia.
    • The difficulty of the new area is comparable to Lion Sanctum and Asura Palace.
    • Rewards include a new mount, new equipment, and new decoration items.
  • Implementation of the Podzilla Quest, that follows its predecessor The Cradle of Monsters Quest.
  • Implementation of the Soulpit, Soul Cores, and the Animus Mastery, as a way for characters to permanently get increased base XP on unlocked creatures.
  • Implementation of the Fragment Workshop:
    • A complement and new tab on the Gem Atelier, allows players to upgrade Mods to unlock the full potential of their Gems. Players can enhance their gem Mods from Grade I to Grade IV to increase their power, at a cost of fragments and gold.
    • Fragments are new stackable and tradable items. Lesser Fragment and Greater Fragment can be obtained from three ways:
      • Purchased from gem trader NPCs for a heavy cost.
      • Obtained through breaking unrevealed Gems, where the type of the gem defines the type of the resulting fragment.
      • Obtained through Dismantling revealed Gems, which is a new function that replaces 'Destroy' function in the Gem Atelier.
    • Two new tools are available for breaking unrevealed gems into fragments. Crusher is purchasable from Tool NPCs, and Amber Crusher is a quest reward with unlimited uses and which destroys up to 10 gems at once.
    • With the addition of Grades to the mods, a lot of changes were made to existing Supreme Mods on their Grade I values, including improvements to mods for Dodge, Critical Extra Damage, Life Leech, Mana Leech, mods that augment Critical Extra Damage for specific spells, as well as supreme mods that were less commonly used. For example:
    • A new rule was implemented for cooldown reductions via augments: they cannot lower a spell's cooldown below 50% of its original length. This applies to augments from all sources.
    • Increased the limit of Gems for a character from 225 to 600
    • In the Char Bazaar, a new category called 'Fragment Progress' will be introduced.
    • There will be three new Titles for unlocking mod grades, and for every mod fully enhanced to Grade IV, players will receive an additional Promotion Point.
    • Most mod enhancement improve a specific mod bonus. However, increasing the mod grade of cooldown augmentations does not reduce spell cooldowns further, but adds a chance to gain Momentum instead.
  • Implemented the Quick Sort Container:
    • Containers located in the inventory below the backpack slot now have a menu that allows for various sorting options.
    • Players will also have the ability to drag items to any location within the backpack, where they will then be automatically sorted in.
  • Enhanced the Market interface, which now allows multiple categories and items to be displayed.
  • Implemented the Quick Loot Nearby Corpses convenience feature:
    • Players can loot all fields directly beneath and adjacent to their character (9 fields) with a single interaction.
    • To address the anticipated increase in loot volume and the resulting inflation, the following costs will be increased:
      • The Market fee limit, from 250,000 to 1,000,000 gold coins.
      • The gold fee of Intricate Imbuements from 25,000 to 30,000, and of Powerful Imbuements from 100,000 to 200,000 gold coins.
      • A list of items will have their price increased:
Item Old Price New Price
Lasting exercise weapons 7,560,000 10,000,000
Durable exercise weapons 945,000 1,250,000
Exercise Weapons 262,500 347,222
Might Ring 5,000 25,000
Stone Skin Amulet 5,000 25,000
Supreme Health Potion 625 650
Ultimate Mana Potion 438 488
Ultimate Spirit Potion 438 488
Great Spirit Potion 228 254
Great Mana Potion 144 158
Strong Mana Potion 93 108
Diamond Arrow 100 130
Sudden Death Rune 135 162
Avalanche Rune 57 64
Great Fireball Rune 57 64
Thunderstorm Rune 47 52
Stone Shower Rune 37 41

New Titles[]


  1. ^ This was briefly mentioned on teasers, but only officially given a proper named and revealed on April 16, 2024