Property Value
General Properties
Name Sugar Cane
Item ID 5465
Classification Grass
Other Properties
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active
Sugar Cane
You see sugar cane.


Large plantations are found in the western part of Liberty Bay. There is also a small field located on Treasure Hunt Island.


Use a Firebug on it to turn it into Burning Sugar Cane. All that will be left when the fire dies is Sugar Cane (Burnt), which can be harvested with a Sickle (or equivalent). Doing so will leave Sugar Cane (Harvested) with a Bunch of Sugar Cane on top that can be picked up.

How to make Rum

To make rum, you need...

Fire Bug
Distilling Machine
Any fluid container like vials or mugs.

1. Use the fire bug on Sugar Canes to burn away the useless leaves.
2. Use the sickle to cut it and collect the Bunch of Sugar Cane.
3. Use the bunch of sugar canes with a Distilling Machine.
4. Use the fluid container on the distilling machine to get the rum.

Note: Each bunch of sugar cane provides 10 seconds of rum production.

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