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 Floor: ground, +1
  • Haggler's Hangout (*)
  • Bamboo Garden (*)

Put your cursor over the map to see where the streets, houses, and NPCs are.


Haggler's Hangout (*) running horizontal on the north side of the river; ground floor
Bamboo Garden (*) running horizontal on the south side of the river; ground floor
Coconut Quay (*) runs on the west side of town; second floor
Banana Bay (*) runs on the southwest side of town; second floor
Crocodile Bridge (*) runs from Banana Quay at Harbour toward the south-center of town at Woodway; second floor
River Homes (*) runs in the center of town, connecting with Woodway in the middle; second floor
Woodway (*) runs in the south-center of town from Crocodile Bridge to Flamingo Flats; second floor
Flamingo Flats (*) runs in the southeast end of town from Woodway to Jungle Edge; second floor
Jungle Edge (*) runs in the northeast connected with Flamingo Flats in the south; second floor

Some Port Hope buildings and NPCs lie outside the city beyond named streets:



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