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About this image
  • Admiral's Avenue (*)
  • Freedom Street (*)
  • Harvester's Haven (*)
  • Ivory Circle (*)
  • Klabauter Walk (*)
  • Litter Promenade (*)
  • Marble Lane (*)
  • Rum Alley (*)
  • Shady Trail (*)
  • Smuggler Backyard (*)
  • Straycat's Corner (*)
  • Sugar Street (*)
  • The Tavern (*)
  • Trader's Point (*)

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Admiral's Avenue (*) horizontal from Sugar Street to the jeweller.
Freedom Street (*) vertical from the depot and northwards to Admiral's Avenue.
Harvester's Haven (*) block of flats west of Marble Lane
Ivory Circle (*) in a circle around the tower of magic and the local explorer society.
Klabauter Walk (*) horizontal path by the Harbour.
Litter Promenade (*) horizontal southernmost path in the poor quarters.
Marble Lane (*) vertical from the northern edge of the city to the blacksmith.
Rum Alley (*) horizontal path passing just north of The Shelter in the poor quarters.
Shady Trail (*) vertical middle path in the poor quarters.
Smuggler Backyard (*) vertical western path in the poor quarters.
Straycat's Corner (*) vertical eastern path in the poor quarters.
Sugar Street (*) horizontal going from the western edge of the city and onto Admiral's Avenue.
The Tavern (*) block of flats above the tavern of Liberty Bay, west of the depot.
Trader's Point (*) horizontal going through the temple and north of the depot.
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