Stonehome is a small village north-east of Edron (here).

Stonehome is a good place to train whether in the south areas or the north. In the north you will always have plenty of food dropped by the usual rabbits, deer, sheep and by training monsters such as Wolves and Bears. Look out for Snakes, too.

There is a small cave next to Stonehome Flats that contains Rotworms, a few Carrion Worms on deeper levels and at the southern end of the first level a single spawn of Dwarf Guard in a separate second level room, Bog Raiders also spawn in the deeper parts of the cave. In addition, there is a single Wyvern spawn atop a hill north of Stonehome.

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At the Stonehome Cemetary (here), you can dig up a burial vault featuring a single skeleton and its coffin, and behind that rock you can dig up the entrance to a cave where you will meet a few more skeletons and some scorpions on a deeper level.

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Stonehome NPCs (8 NPCs)
AlbertAlbert.gifHealerCenter of Stonehome
JackJack.gifArtistNorth-western Stonehome
JamesJames.gifFarmerWest part of Stonehome.
Mother Of JackMother Of Jack.gifCaretakerNorth-western Stonehome, one floor up
Sane MageSane Mage.gifSorcererSouth of Stonehome
Sister Of JackSister Of Jack.gifAssistantNorth-western Stonehome, two floors up
TelasTelas.gifScientistJust south-west of Stonehome, in his house
Telas GolemTelas Golem.gifUnknown OccupationBelow the house of Telas