Property Value
General Properties
Name Stone of Insight
Item ID 21383
Classification Magical Items
Quest Items
Weight 9.99 oz.
Trade Properties
Value ? gp
Sold for (not bought by NPCs)
Bought for (not sold by NPCs)
Other Properties
Light 4 sqm
Version 10.52
August 12, 2014
Status Active
Stone of Insight.gif
You see a stone of insight.
It weighs 9.99 oz.
This rare artefact can be traded with Milos or Trimegis for a fraction of their knowledge.


This stone is replacement for its old version, Stone of Wisdom. By handing this stone to Milos (here) or Trimegis (here) you will receive experience equivalent to 100 times your level multipled by your level.

You can only use one stone per year per character and only when the Rise of Devovorga event is active (September 01–07) or to end of September (server save September 30th) if players on your server sucessfuly finished the event.

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Reward of the Rise of Devovorga World Quest, for characters who damaged Devovorga or one of its incarnations (Anmothra, Irahsae, Teneshpar, Chikhaton or Phrodomo).
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Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

Players only.

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