You see a stone carving.


Yalahar (Inner City, here).


It shows the Yalahari's greatest flaw: their intelligence. Stone carvings are composed by two objects that are placed side by side, a different text can be written on each of them. You can only read the text if you stand within three fields of it. Although a version of this stone carving placed on a wall facing east does exist, it hasn't been found in game yet.
In Yalahar Central Building, you can read the following text on the west part of the carving:

The great race of the Yalahari was one of the most advanced and gifted races that were created in the godwars. However, their major flaw - at least in the eyes of the warring gods - was their intelligence.

And you can read this text on the east part of the carving:

The Yalahari questioned the whole purpose of fighting a war which was not theirs. Thus, they withdrew from the raging battles all over the world and travelled to one of the northern islands, building their magnificent city which they called Yalahar.