You see a stone carving.


Yalahar (Inner City, here).


It shows the Yalahari's unwise dealings with Variphor. Stone carvings are composed by two objects that are placed side by side, a different text can be written on each of them. You can only read the text if you stand within three fields of it. Although a version of this stone carving placed on a wall facing east does exist, it hasn't been found in game yet.
In Yalahar Central Building, you can read the following text on the west part of the carving:

The Yalahari tried to understand and interact with Variphor, but soon their initial thrill was replaced with creeping fear. Variphor was perfectly aware of his existence and that of our universe, and his subtle influence seemed to be responsible for many dire and destructive things which happened in the past. Suddenly it also became shockingly clear to the Yalahari that by giving the entity a name, they had also given it some more substance in our universe.

And you can read this text on the east part of the carving:

The horrified Yalahari tried to undo their actions, but it was too late - most of them had gained too deep an understanding of the things that were not supposed to be. Tainted with forbidden knowledge and unable to resist that influence, sisters and brothers turned against each other and in a night of slaughter, most of the once proud race was wiped out. The remaining Yalahari knew about their irreversible corruption and decided to part from this world.