You see a stone carving.


Yalahar (Inner City, here).


It shows how Yalahar was abandoned by the Yalahari and then taken over by their minions. Stone carvings are composed by two objects that are placed side by side, a different text can be written on each of them. You can only read the text if you stand within three fields of it. Although a version of this stone carving placed on a wall facing east does exist, it hasn't been found in game yet.
In Yalahar Central Building, you can read the following text on the west part of the carving:

The corrupted Yalahari left their city in the custody of their minions and vanished from history. Their minions took care of Yalahar and tried to hold up the Yalaharian ideals. However, they were soon overcome with vanity, first acting as representatives of the Yalahari and later even as Yalahari themselves, wearing golden masks and living in luxury. Over the course of time, Yalahar became known as a city of splendor rather than knowledge.

And you can read this text on the east part of the carving:

The 'false Yalahari' had no idea how to maintain and repair the ancient devices and thus, many mechanisms simply ceased to function. In the end, some quarters of Yalahar were completely lost due to catastrophes, plagues, experiments gone bad and also criminals coming to Yalahar in search of wealth and freedom. And despite all of that, the false Yalahari still live in the fading glory of the inner city, ignoring the world crumbling around them...