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Some days ago I brought down a wolf with three still very young whelps. I didn't kill the puppies because I heard that the orcs are paying a nice little sum for young wolves. They are training them to serve them as war wolves when grown up. Unfortunately one of them escaped and ran into the woods. I didn't go after it, I didn't want to risk losing the others, too. One day later I could spot a female wolf who had adopted the lost puppy. I recognised it by its unusual fur pattern. I didn't chase it because I was short of supplies and thus on my way to Edron. I would have missed my ship. The second whelp died shortly after. Given its weakly condition I assume the orcs wouldn't have paid for it anyway. I skinned it and sold the fur in Venore to a trader who was interested in fabrics and pelts. I can't remember her name but she was quite a poppet. Now I'm on my way to Ulderek's Rock and hopefully will make a mint of money by selling the third puppy to the orcs.

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