A minotaur gang's hideout contains stolen items from Kazordoon.


Minotaur Tower west of Kazordoon

Required Equipment


Note: You may also want to do the To Outfox a Fox Quest at the same time, since it is in the same place.

Travel west of Kazordoon past the Dwarf Mines and use your shovel to dig a Loose Stone Pile hidden behind a Plum Tree located Here. You may encounter Snakes, Poison Spiders, Wolves, Bears, Bugs and Dwarves. Once you go down the hole, walk west and rope up into the Secret Hideout here

Creatures on each of the floors:
ground floor: 2 Minotaur Guards, 2 Minotaur Archers
first floor: 4 Minotaur Guards, 4 Minotaur Archers
floor 2: 2 Minotaur Guards in each room (north and south rooms)
floor 3: North side: 2 Minotaur Guards, 4 Minotaur Archers
South side: 2 Minotaur Mages, 4 Minotaur Archers
floor 4: North side:4 Minotaur Archers
South side: 1 Minotaur Mage, 3 Minotaur Archers

The rewards are found in different locations across the hideout.

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