Property Value
Aliases Oasis Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log Tibia Tales
Level 0
(20 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 8.1
December 11, 2007
Status Active






Nomads, Hyaenas.


100 Brown Mushrooms, 100 Gold Coins

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Note: To speed things up you can go and collect the bag before you talk to Ahmet. Talk to Ahmet in Akrahmun about a mission. He will say he was robbed, and you need to get his things back.

Go to the Oasis in Darama and find the box that is hidden behind a tree south of the Oasis (here). Open it to get Ahmet's robbed things.

Ahmet's stolen property

You see a bag. It weighs 400.00 oz. It contains Ahmet's stolen property.

Bring this bag to Ahmet to collect your reward.


Player: Hi
Ahmet: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh.
Player: Mission
Ahmet: What are you talking about?? I was robbed!!!! Someone catch those filthy thieves!!!!! GUARDS! ...
Ahmet: <nothing happens>....<SIGH> Like usual, they hide at the slightest sign of trouble! YOU! Want to earn some quick money?
Player: Yes
Ahmet: Of course you do! Go hunt down the thieves and bring back the stuff they have stolen from me. ...
Ahmet: I saw them running out of town and then to the north. Maybe they hide at the oasis.

Player: Hi
Ahmet: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh.
Player: Quest
Ahmet: Did you find my stuff?
Player: Yes
Ahmet: GREAT! If you ever need a job as my personal security guard, let me know. Here is the reward I promised you.

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