Effects which take place to inform the player something happened, are status effects.

Status Effects

Name Caused By Effect
Bat Swarm Effect Bat Swarm Effect Some vampiric creatures' spells, being teleported to Armenius basement.
Blast Effect Blast Effect Burning a Fake Dwarven Beard in a Coal Basin in Kissing a Pig Quest. Various.
Blue Confetti Effect Blue Confetti Effect Using Fireworks Rockets and Blue Shrine Stones (during The Ice Islands Quest's last mission). ?
Blue Electricity Effect Blue Electricity Effect Shots from Wand of Cosmic Energy, Heavy Magic Missile, being Electrified, shooting a Diamond Arrow, certain Creature Spells, using a Scum Bag on a Spectral Scum. Energy Damage on target.
Blue Notes Effect Blue Notes Effect Playing a Horn.
Blue Sparkles Effect Blue Sparkles Effect Challenge, Cure Poison, Great Light, Intense Wound Cleansing, Light, Wound Cleansing, Light Healing, drinking Potions, using Unity Charm or Enigmatic Voodoo Skull. restoration of Hit Points, cancellation of Status Conditions like being Poisoned, showing light in a certain range, causing creatures to change target to you
Bubbles Effect Bubbles Effect
Damage (typically Life Drain?) or quest progress.
Confetti Effect Confetti Effect Using a Surprise Bag (Blue), Surprise Bag (Red), Party Hat (when equipped in the helmet slot), stepping on this field in Schrödinger's Island.
Cream Cake Effect Cream Cake Effect Being hit with a Throwing Cake by an Undead Jester and probably by other players. Drunkenness.
Die Effect Die Effect rolling a Die, opening a Surprise Cube a random number between 1 and 6 is displayed, a Surprise Cube transforms to a reward item.
Green Confetti Effect Green Confetti Effect Exploding Colourful Fireworks Rocket and Green Fireworks Rockets.
Green Notes Effect Green Notes Effect Playing a Bone Fiddle, a Cornucopia, a Didgeridoo, a Drum, a Fanfare, a Harp, a Lute, a Lyre, a Party Trumpet, Panpipes, a Piano, a Post Horn, a Royal Fanfare, a Simple Fanfare, Waldo's Post Horn, a War Horn and a Wooden Flute.
Green Sparkles Effect Green Sparkles Effect Intense Recovery, Recovery, Haste, successful Skinning or Dusting, turning a Cake into a Decorated Cake, turning a Decorated Cake into a Party Cake, using a Solitude Charm. restoration of Hit Points, increase of Speed, receiving a creature product.
Hearts Effect Hearts Effect
Drunkenness, summoning of Evil Sheep or quest progress
Jumping Fish Effect Jumping Fish Effect Using a Fish in a Tank.
Light Effect Light Effect Usually the sun or the moon. Nothing.
Moonlight Effect Moonlight Effect The moon. Nothing.
Orange Confetti Effect Orange Confetti Effect Exploding Colourful Fireworks Rocket and Orange Fireworks Rockets.
Poof Effect Poof Effect
Nothing or a transformation.
Prismatic Sparkles Effect Prismatic Sparkles Effect Using a Baby Unicorn.
Purple Confetti Effect Purple Confetti Effect Exploding Colourful Fireworks Rocket and Purple Fireworks Rockets.
Purple Notes Effect Purple Notes Effect Playing a Piano.
Red Confetti Effect Red Confetti Effect Using Fireworks Rockets. ?
Red Notes Effect Red Notes Effect Playing a War Drum and a Wooden Whistle (when it breaks).
Red Sparkles Effect Red Sparkles Effect Various Healing spells, using Twin Sun Charm or Mysterious Voodoo Skull, enchanting Ferumbras' Staff (Blunt). Healing or other effects
Snoring Effect Snoring Effect putting something to sleep target falls asleep
Sparks Effect Sparks Effect
increase of target Shielding skill
Spooky Face Effect Spooky Face Effect Stepping on the tile in front of Vengoth Castle hallway's Painting.
Trembling Effect Trembling Effect Breaking a Fine Vase, sculpting on Ice Cube and Piece of Marble Rock, collecting a Blooming Griffinclaw sample with a Botanist's Container, using a Demon Infant on Wheat if tasked to, casting Berserk and Fierce Berserk, dealing damage to certain creatures (like Undead), certain Creature Spells. Physical Damage on target
Turquoise Confetti Effect Turquoise Confetti Effect Exploding Colourful Fireworks Rocket and Turquoise Fireworks Rockets.
Water Splash Effect Water Splash Effect jumping in Swimming area water, fishing a Water Elemental corpse, certain Creature Spells (?) Drown Damage on target (?)
White Notes Effect White Notes Effect Playing Bone Fiddle and a Small Crystal Bell; some Creature Spells.
Yellow Confetti Effect Yellow Confetti Effect Using Fireworks Rockets. ?
Yellow Notes Effect Yellow Notes Effect Using a Birdcage, a Christmas Card, a Piggy Bank (when it does not break) and a Wooden Whistle (when it does not break); Drinking a Pint of Glooth (Green).
Yellow Poison Effect Yellow Poison Effect
items disappear, Dirty Water becomes clean, quest progress is achieved
Yellow Sparkles Effect Yellow Sparkles Effect ?

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