The Status Bar is located on the right sidebar of the C++ Client (original) and above the Game Window of the Flash Client by default but it can moved to any of the four sides of the Game Window. The status bar displays your characters health and mana in both clients, as well as special conditions and a skill in just the Flash Client.

When your Hit Points reach 0, for whatever reason, you die. The next time you log in, you respawn in your hometown's temple (see: Death).

When your Mana Points reach 0, you cannot perform any further spells nor use your rod or wand. Additionally, you cannot use these runes: Convince Creature, Animate Dead and Paralyze, since these need mana to be used.

You can increase your mana or hp through regeneration by eating some food, and also drinking potions. See: Vocation for vocation regeneration rates.

C++ Client

The Status Bar is contains the Hit Points (HP) Bar in red, the Mana Points Bar in blue. The Status Bar window can be dragged to a new position anywhere along the top half of the sidebar.

Flash Client


The Status Bar contains the Hit Points (HP) Bar in green, the Mana Points Bar in blue, Special Conditions, and a Progress Bar for Level, Magic Level, or the other Skills in white. You can drag the bar to any side of the Game Window to reposition it. To change the style of the bar or which skill progress is seen you can right click anywhere on the Status Bar or go to Options > Status.

The HP and Mana bars show how many points your character has at the moment out of the total you can have. The Progress Bar can show your Level, Magic Level, Axe Fighting, Club Fighting, Distance Fighting, Fist Fighting, Shielding, Sword Fighting, and Fishing skills. You have to hover over the bar to see how much is left until the next level. The positioning options for the bar are:

  • Default which has stacked HP and Mana on one row, progress in the middle, and conditions on the bottom.
  • Compact style has across the top row HP, conditions, and Mana with the progress bar below them.
  • Parallel with four rows of one item each: HP, Mana, progress, conditions.
  • Large is just like Compact but the HP and Mana bars are thicker (from 20 pixels to 35).

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