Your stamina indicates how much longer your character is able to gain experience. You can hunt for 42 hours until you no longer gain experience from killing creatures, however, the last 14 hours of hunting will only yield half the experience you would normally receive, and if you are the one to deal the highest amount of damage to the monster the loot will be destroyed automatically. Within the first three hours (hours 39 to 42), premium players will receive an experience bonus of 50% (this is often referred to as "Happy Hours")[1][2], rounded down to the nearest whole number. When your stamina is drained down to 0, you won’t receive experience points at all.

Stamina is only drained when you are gaining experience after killing a monster. If you are training with summoned monsters, being attacked, or making runes, your time of stamina will remain. Thus, if you wish to lose as little stamina as possible, it is tactical to use spells or runes with a large area effect. The minimum stamina you can lose is two minutes, even if you kill just one monster, you will lose two minutes of stamina.

Regenerating Stamina

To regenerate stamina, you must be logged out (of the character you wish to regenerate stamina for — NOT the whole account). For every 3 minutes you are logged off your character will gain 1 minute of stamina. However, it will take even longer to regenerate the stamina for the bonus hours since you gain way more experience in them. For every 6 minutes you are logged off you get 1 minute added to the character’s bonus stamina. You need to be logged off for 10 minutes before you start to regain any stamina. To go from 39 hours of stamina to the maximum of 42 hours (bonus) it would take you 18 hours and 10 minutes of being offline.[2]

With the Summer Update 2017, CipSoft released a Daily Reward System that can be accessed by using Reward Shrines. After a player has taken 4 daily rewards consecutively, and not lost his/her streak, they will receive Stamina regeneration at the normal rate while online. This however, can only be done in what is referred to as Resting Areas, which includes all depots, temples, houses, guildhalls and the Adventurers' Guild.

Since the 2021 Summer Update, players can also regenerate one hour of stamina using the Stamina Extension potion, which is one of the rewards from the Tibiadrome.


  • Stamina was added in Summer Update 2006.
  • It was reduced from 56 hours to 42 hours and the bonus hour was added in Spring Patch 2009.
  • In Christmas Update 2009 an extra "Happy Hour" was added (premium players will gain 50% more experience for 2 hours, rather than one). Stamina was initially introduced by Cip in response to increasing instances of account sharing. The new rules such as "no stamina, no loot" were aimed towards reducing botting. The two hours of extra experience provided to premium account players was to give less competitive premium account players a chance to keep up with active players.
  • On April, 2020, the bonus stamina was temporarily increased from 2 to 3 hours due to many players having more time to play as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. On June 25 it was announced that this change would be kept until further notice.

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