Stacking is the act of placing multiple players or Creatures on a single square by use of a ladder, hole, staircase, ramp, or even a congested doorway.

After 2009 Autumn´s patch it´s possible to stack on a player anywhere on Optional PvP worlds. To do this you have to walk 2 times within 5 seconds in the tile in which the player is, the first time you will snap-back if you walk for a second time within 5 seconds you will be stacked.

There are some restrictions with the stack system:

  • Area spells will affect all the stack.
  • Direct attacks (melee, physical damage, non-area runes and attaks such as icicle, fireball, and all the strikes) will only affect the one who is at the top of the stack.
  • The player on the top of the stack will be the one who was first on the tile.
  • Only the top player can use attack spells (area spells, strikes, waves, etc) or sio a player, everyone else in the stack will be only able to use exura and to use his/her weapon.
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