Spring Patch Tree

Also known as Spring Patches. They usually focus on minor features and changes.

Version Name Release Date Summary Changes


Spring Patch 2009


March 18, 2009

This update introduced changes to the death penalty, blessings, stamina and more.

  • The death penalty was revised
  • Blessings can now reduce the probability of losing items.
  • A experience bonus was added for the first hour of stamina.
  • A new 2-second-delay for fighting after changing floor level, teleporting, traveling with NPCs, using levitate or getting kicked out of a house; Stairhopping without getting hit can not be done anymore.
  • Invisible creatures will really be invisible for bots. (It will be impossible to aim missile runes on the coordinate of an invisible creature.)
  • An experience counter is added in the client including:
    • experience points left for next level
    • calculates experience per hour (based on last 15 minutes)
    • indication how long it would take to reach the next level with exp/hour ratio
    • option to reset the experience counter



Spring Patch 2010


March 17, 2010

This patch introduced changes in the reporting system, the stamina system and other minor changes.

  • All players are able to report inappropriate names of other characters. There are limitations for the amounts of pending reports.
  • The automatic bot detection tool is improved, players who receive a banishment will be kicked faster from the game than the next server save.
  • With 14 hours of Stamina or less, no loot will be received anymore.
  • The 50% bonus experience hour for premium accounts is extended to two hours. The regeneration of the stamina is boosted too, from 1 minute per 12 minutes logged out changed to 1 minute per 10 minutes logged out.
  • The Pits of Inferno shortcut is now enabled for everybody who enters a random throne room.
    • A new shortcut is made to skip the lever riddle after doing it once.
  • If one of your characters receives a namelock, you will have three chances to rename it. If the third name proposal gets rejected as well, the character will receive a name from the name generator.
  • The character creation page on tibia.com received a make-over (requires javascript).
  • Information about banishments will no longer be displayed on a character page from now on, no matter if the character is hidden or not.
  • There is now a solution for the error that sometimes occurs when logging out. If the client tells you that you are already logged in with a character even though that is not the case, you will now just have to log in and out with the affected character to solve this problem.



Spring Patch 2011


April 20, 2011

This update introduced some minor improvements to the server log and changes to the equipment inventory.

  • Dread Doll was implemented as FunTibia's item.
  • The winning submissions of the Royal Painting Contest were added to Thais and Carlin castles.
  • The inventory was updated with new graphics and new limitations.
    • The hand slots are now exclusively a weapon slot on the left and shield on the right.
    • The arrow slot now only allows ammunition and certain light sources.
  • The Server Log Channel shows new information such as damage healed, damage dealt and received by other players or monsters on screen, experience received by other players on screen, players joining/leaving private chat channels (this can be turned off by click on Options > Console > uncheck 'Show Status Messages in Console').
  • Implemented the You cannot use objects that fast. message if the player use an object more than 2 (?) times per second.
  • Time left for rings and boots have been improved, now you can see hours, minutes and seconds as well.
  • Creature HP bars are now all the same height above them.
  • The text color from exiva spell and chest quests were changed from green to white.
  • Male Knight Outfit received a new hair look.



Spring Patch 2012

Spellbook of Ancient Arcana

April 03, 2012

Adjustments to creature loot, Beta Flash Client, Hive and Deepling World Changes. New bosses for Grizzly tasks and other minor changes to Paw and Fur.

  • An anti-kick feature was implemented, to protect players affected by kicks.
  • Quest doors have been adjusted to prevent trapping: instead of using the door to enter, you may pass through a player inside a quest door provided you meet the requirements to do so.
  • The following creatures have had loot adjustments officially mentioned: Juggernaut, Blightwalker, Lost Soul, Defiler.
  • Player and creature summons no longer have corpses. Consequently they do not appear in the server log.
  • Askarak Demons and Shaburak Demons had their defense and melee attacks heightened.
  • Quest doors have been adjusted to prevent trapping: instead of using the door to enter, you may pass through a player inside a quest door provided you meet the requirements to do so.
  • Many changes were introduced to Paw and Fur Society tasks
  • A bridge was erected to connect the two sides of the ice just west of Svargrond (here) to make accessing Badgers easier for the Paw and Fur Society task.
  • Horestis' tomb is no longer empty if the world change is in its first stage. Creatures now spawn there to defend the reign of Horestis.
  • Players now get an additional reward by successfully finishing the A Pirate's Death to Me World Task.
  • The Easter event was replaced by the brand new event Spring into Life. The event will start on April 16. (colored eggs, part of the Easter event, can still be looted from rabbits and can still be bought from stores).