You see a spitter.
  • Spotz!


Although the spittle of these creatures servers as a formidable weapon in combat, the Spitters original purpose for the hive seems to be entirely different.
The Spitter can obviously produce quite different kinds of spittle. The most often observed feature is the ability to use some kind of gooey spittle that can trap smaller opponents and that becomes hard and resilient when drying up. It is often used to repair hive structures on the fly or even to erect some structures such as barricades when used by larger groups of Spitters. Since it takes some time to harden, it is only annoying and disgusting for bigger opponents such as humans, for this reason this kind of spittle is rarely seen in combat. In battle, they rather use their corrosive spittle. The use of this kind of spittle outside of war is somewhat up to speculations. It seems possible that it is used to dissolve hive structures that are no longer needed. The dissolved structures can be devoured by several of the hive creatures and later be used as construction material again. Adventurers that made forays into the deeper hive observed a third use of the spittle which seems the most important for the hive. The Spitters are the main feeders of the larvae in the hive. This kind of spittle seems nutritious for the Hive Born. It is not only important for their growth but also determines what kind of creature the larvae will evolve into. Though it has been assumed that there are three entirely different strains of Spitters, several observations disproved this theory. The Spitters are able to shift the usage of their spittle with little effort. They can be encountered almost everywhere in the hive although most times, they are only found in the major structures. Only in times of war considerable numbers of Spitters are seen far away from the hive. They serve as distance fighters and therefore play an important role in the composition of the melee-heavy hive armies.

Was implemented at the Winter Update 2011.


Melee (0-150?), earth ball (?), distance Paralysis(Berserk sprite), Strong Haste.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


The Hive, Hive Outpost.


Fights in close combat. A spitter will retreat at 40 (2.67%, deep red) health.


Usually found in large groups with other Hive Born. Take them down first if you're fighting them alongside Crawlers or Waspoids, but leave them for last if battling Spidris or Kollos.