1 Wine and 1 Beer Cask, 2 Blackboards, Counter, 3sqm Table, 6 Wooden Chairs, 2 Small Tables, 2 Indoor Plants, 5 Oriel Windows, 3 Chimneys, 3 Dustbins, 26 Wall Lamps. 2 Red Maples, 2 Yellow Maples in entrance.


Southwest of Thais, near Hardek.


An Attractive, Rustic Castle on the south west coast of Thais. Situated between Thais west gate and the Fibula pass this is a perfect half-way house for any traveller who needs rest. Four fully-functional turrets are an interesting feature with a catwalk connecting the front two. With a total of 23 Beds, divided into 6 differant sized bedrooms - one with 10 beds in -, this Guildhall has plenty of space for all your companions. The NPC Hardek is often seen wandering south/east of the castle, which creates great trade links with him. These are the rooms:

  • -2 basement: two 3x4 rooms with 2 beds each, 3x6 with 5 beds, 3x4 with bed, 6x7 with casks, 3x11 passage room;
  • -1 basement: 5x8 with 10 beds, 3x4 and 3x4 rooms, 28sqm passage room;
  • ground: 4x5 entrance room, two 7sqm rooms, 18sqm with furniture, 3x3 split by table, 6sqm passage room;
  • first: 18sqm with 2 beds, 18sqm with bed, two 7sqm rooms, 8sqm catwalk;
  • second: four 2x2 towers.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 19210 gold per month.

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