The Spirit Grounds are 3 undead hunting grounds. Every day there is one portal to the spirit grounds, located in either Darashia (Kha'Zeel mountain between Darashia and Ankrahmun), Vengoth (southern shore), or Ghostlands (north-western shore). The entrances to the spirit grounds displays ghastly streams of smoke, with ramps leading to the teleport.

Similar to the Fury Gates, only one teleport will be open each day. The daily location can be found either by checking all three spots, listening to the Towncryer or simply reading the World Board at the Adventurer's Guild.

Although there are 3 portals and 3 hunting grounds, they do not correspond. For example, you could find both Vengoth and Darashia portals to contain the same hunting ground.

The 3 hunting grounds are:


Spirit Ground NPCs (1 NPC)
The Gate Keeper
The Gate Keeper
Missing File
GuardSpirit Grounds, west of Drefia, below ocean.
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