A warrior journeyed too far into the earth


A few steps north east of Triangle Tower


Dwarves, Fire Devils


Spike Sword

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Required Equipment


  • You will be in a small room, go down another level:

Spike Sword Quest Map 01.jpg

  • In this room, you will need to pick a hole just to the south-west, as indicated on the map. Go down the hole:

Spike Sword Quest Map 02.jpg

  • In this room is one Fire Devil. Follow the passage around to the west, and go down another level. You may want to use your Invisible spell or Stealth Ring now:

Spike Sword Quest Map 03.jpg

  • On this level, there will be 5 Fire Devils. Head to the south-west corner of the room, and pick another hole, then go down:

Spike Sword Quest Map 04.jpg

  • Now you will be surrounded by lava, and there will be a large number of Fire Devils, 4 of them are reachable, 10 of them are on islands, but they can still reach you with their Fireball attacks. It is recommended for someone to go Invisible and clear this room. The reward is inside a body that is hidden behind a pillar.

Spike Sword Quest Map 05.jpg

  • Note: You will likely hear the roar of three Dragons. These dragons are caged at the far north end of the room. It is unknown how or why they are there, perhaps this is another adventure to be found?
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