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Dear Diary,
Today I was almost scared to death.
While running through the bushes outside Venore, I ran into this huge hairy six legged.. thing.
First I thought it was my brother, but there it was, one huge spider.
I'm glad it didn't see me, because I had to change pants.
This must have been the most embaressing day for me, I'm glad no others know about it.

Dear Diary,
Hair is hairy.
And it comes in different styles.
Itch sometimes.
Running your fingers through hair is great.

Dear Diary,
I think I have found something wrong with me.
I like cheese alot, cheese makes me happy.
With cheese I feel whole and complete.
Does this make me a rat?

Dear Diary,
Why do we have hair?
It's just in the way, and it itches and all that.
I want to be just like my dad, bald and hairless.

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