Spawn refers to the ability of someone or something to appear or "come to life". In Tibia (or other games) it refers to the ability of creatures, items or players to appear at a certain time.

Player Spawn

In Tibia all players spawn when they login. Despite this, the commonly used term to refer to players spawning is "logging".

Example: Player X logged in.

Creature Spawn


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In Tibia almost all monsters respawn at a certain rate or randomly on the game world in specific places. However, some monsters may only spawn as an event triggered by a player doing a quest.

Please note that creatures will only respawn if you are standing at least 7 squares away from them, or 2 squares off screen.

The rate at which creatures spawn is determined also by the amount of online players. The spawning rate is faster if there are many players and slower if there are few players. Since February 15, 2013, the respawn rate was changed and the minimum rate is the same as if there were 500 players online. The maximum respawn rate is achieved when there are 800 or more players online. On September 06, 2018, CipSoft announced that it would double the spawn rate of all creatures (with the exception of Bosses and Minibosses), and this changes were implemented the following week. Furthermore, they also added the Improved Respawn Rate system.

Improved Respawn Rate

Main article: Cyclopedia#Map

The Improved Respawn Rate system allows two Areas of the map (one from player's gold donation as well as one randomly selected) to have their spawn rate increased by 2. Areas with an increased respawn rate will display this icon in front of their name on the Cyclopedia: Improved Respawn Rate Icon.gif.

Creature Raids

Creatures also spawn in large numbers at planned times, in a certain area (like a city). This is called a raid, and the creatures will there even if there are players in those locations.

Random Spawning

Spawns used to be set positions, but in recent updates they have become a little random (allowing a few spaces in any direction). The most recent change was in digging scarabs; now they will spawn anywhere immediately around the spot you dig them up from.

Item Spawns

Many items in Tibia respawn after a certain period of time (like in some quests) or as daily respawns. A great percent of daily spawns is comprised of Rubbish. Some items may only spawn as an event triggered by a player when doing a quest.

Game Tokens

Some Game Tokens such as Chess, Checkers and Tic-tac-toe pieces are daily respawns and can be found in all Game Rooms on certain cities.