Sparring is a method of training for 2 players. It can be done anywhere, but is normally done in a pre-made arena with some spectators.

NOTE: Since the players will be attacking each other, sparring is possible only in war between two guilds on Non-PvP worlds.

The goal of sparring is to train your skills, while competing against another player to cause the most damage to them.
Sparring can be done anywhere, and required equipment depends completely upon what kind of sparring you will be doing.
Depending upon the skills that you will be training, each player will be required to use a very weak weapon, and very weak armor. This will depend upon the experience level and skill levels of each player. Ideally two same-vocation, same-level players with the same skill level will spar against each other with the same equipment.
The two players will attack each other with the weapons and equipment they previously agreed upon.
You are not allowed to use any healing spells or runes.
The first player to be in red health loses and game play stops immediately so that the player does not die.

For a complete set of rules and more information, see Wikipedia's article on Sparring.

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