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Spam, as a noun in Tibia, can refer to messages which are:

  • Chat-spam: Posted repetitively on a public chat channel. These can be avoided by closing the channel or ignoring the player posting the spam. To ignore a player, right click their character and click ignore.
  • Street-spam: Repetitively spoken by a player on the same screen as you. This most often occurs in the streets of Rookgaard. Outside of Rook, the prevalence of street-spam varies greatly from one Game World to the next, but in many worlds, this is also common in Thais and Carlin.
  • Battle-spam: Posting lengthy nonsensical combinations of letters, numbers, and or symbols during a player vs. player combat situation, in an effort to impair the vision of other players. Messages of this type are often previously hotkeyed and meet the maximum message length limit of 255.
  • Forum-spam: Posting nonsensical messages on the Tibia Forum message boards. See also Wikipedia's article on Internet Trolls
  • Link-spam: Posting URLs (addresses of sites) in any of the above settings. Visiting untrustworthy sites recommended to you by another player may cause your account to be compromised. Be especially cautious if the player posting the URL is a low level, or promises free items/premium time.

Other Uses

The term spam can also be used in reference to fighting when a creature does several attacks on one character in the same turn.

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