3 Dustbins, one per big floor; 2 Blackboards on ground floor and lower basement; Wine and Beer Casks inside basement; 9, 8, 4, 11 Wall Lamps from top floor to bottom.


Southern Thais.


Huge Guildhall on south-eastern Thais. These are the rooms:

  • Lower Basement: 3 rooms with 1 bed each (3x3sqm), 1 (6x9) and (3x6) rooms, 16 sqm passage room.
  • Upper Basement: 1 (4x4 room), 3 sqm and (2x4) passage rooms.
  • Ground Floor: (3x4) entrance room, (5x8) room, (3x6) with 4 beds, (3x4) with bed, (3x3) and (3x4) passage rooms.
  • First Floor: 6 (2x3) rooms with 1 bed each, (4x8) with 2 beds, 19 sqm passage room.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 22440 gold per month.

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