Assist Goshnar and destroy his personality shards before they grow stronger and escape to the living world.


One random item from the Soul Set and base Revenant Outfits Outfit Revenant Male.gif Outfit Revenant Female.gif.

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  • This quest mostly consists in killing bosses for their equipment rewards, not much different from the Feaster of Souls Quest.
  • All bosses can be killed with up to 5 players, including the final boss.
  • The cooldown for killing the access bosses is 20 hours, and the cooldown for the final boss is 72 hours.
  • The access to the bosses are lost after fighting them, so to kill them again you need to repeat the corresponding access.
  • Unlike most quests, in order to kill the final boss you'll always have to kill the access bosses first and get all five Goshnar's Taints, explained below.

Travel to Zarganash (last area of the Feaster of Souls quests, accessed via Vengoth) and enter the teleport all the way south-west of the dungeon. You'll find yourself in the antecourt of Goshnar's Taint, which is a teleport hub.

Talk to a Flickering Soul and ask about task and then say yes. You will now have to fight Goshnar's fettered vices and destroy them. There are Fog Portals, each one leading to a different area with a puzzle you most complete to access the boss. You can check the corresponding portal of each area and boss on the image below.

Soul War Quest - Goshnar's Taint map.png

Goshnar's Taints

Before you start killing the bosses it's important to know and understand a key mechanic of this quest, the Goshnar's Taints. After killing at least one boss, the characters will receive a penalty which will be active while they are fighting in any of the quest areas. For each boss defeated a new penalty will be received until the character has all 5 penalties. The penalties are:

The amount and details of the penalties a character has can be seen on the Status Bar.

1. Goshnar's Taints 1 Icon.png 10% chance that a creature teleports to you (cooldown: 10 seconds):

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  • The monsters check every 2 seconds if a character with penalty 1 is in range. If that's the case, the monster will teleport to the farthest character within its range. This character will get a 10s cooldown (not visible for the players). If another monster wants to teleport to this character during this cooldown, its teleport will be cancelled.
  • In every hunting ground there is one dedicated monster that has this ability.:

2. Goshnar's Taints 2 Icon.png 0.5% chance that a new creature spawns near you if you hit another creature (cooldown: 30 seconds).

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3. Goshnar's Taints 3 Icon.png Receive 15% increased damage.

4. Goshnar's Taints 4 Icon.png 10% chance that a creature will fully heal itself instead of dying:

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  • Every monster in the new hunting grounds has this behaviour.

5. Goshnar's Taints 5 Icon.png Loss of 10% of your current hit points and your mana every 10 seconds.

The penalties are always received in the order above, regardless of the boss that was killed. Furthermore:

  • The penalties are only triggered inside the Soul War quest areas, including the bosses. Outside of this area they are harmless.
  • There are three ways to remove the penalties:
  1. Get all 5 of them and defeat Goshnars Megalomania.
  2. By failing to kill Goshnars Megalomania, the last 2 taints will be removed, meaning 2 bosses will have to be killed again to regain access. The 2 bosses that must be repeated are random, but they are always the same for the team.
  3. Talk to the Flickering Soul about penalties or taints. Every time you gain or lose taints you need to wait two weeks before you are able to reset them.

Special Loot Rules

The bosses and creatures of the quest area have some special rules regarding the chance to drop Soul Set items, which happens by means of dropping a Bag You Desire Bag You Desire:

  • Having at least one penalty on the character will affect the chances of looting Soul Set items from both bosses and regular creatures.
    • When fighting bosses there is already a small chance without any penalties, but more penalties increase the chance. Killing the same boss repeatedly will not rise the drop chance.
    • When fighting common monsters there is no chance without any penalties. The more penalties, the higher the chance.
    • The participation requirements are low enough that every member of the party has a chance to drop the Bag (based on their individual amount of Taints), as opposed to only the highest damage dealer having a chance.
  • Every time you kill Goshnar's Megalomania without getting a Bag You Desire the drop chance will increase slightly.
    • If the player gets one of the new items the drop chance will drop to the initial low value.

Strategies for all Bosses

You can kill the bosses in any order you want, as the taints will always be received on the order listed above. Due to the difficulty of the accesses and bosses, however, there's an order which most players consider best, which is the following:

  1. Claustrophobic Inferno
  2. Mirrored Nightmare
  3. Ebb and Flow
  4. Furious Crater
  5. Rotten Wasteland

On all bosses, some strategies should be used:

  • All players, specially shooters, should wear Stone Skin Amulets and Might Rings during the entire fight. This high protection is essential to survive the high hits Dreadful Harvesters can deal, specially at the final bosses as you'll have more taints and there will be more Dreadful Harvesters to worry about.
  • Shooters should keep moving at all time. Besides Dreadful Harvesters, all bosses have several summons that also deal considerable damage. It's essential that shooters keep moving to lower the damage taken.
  • Mechanics are essential. All the bosses have mechanics that, if the team fails to complete, will make the boss stronger. The effect of these mechanics is quite significant and usually failing twice is enough to make the boss impossible (or too risky) to kill in the available time.

Claustrophobic Inferno

Battle recommendations:
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Fire Protection Icon.gif
Equip Fire Damage Protection during this fight.
Use Ice Damage during this fight.

Enter the first Fog Portal to the left to arrive at the safe zone. Here you will have to overcome three consecutive areas that are closed temporarily, for 2 minutes each. A few seconds after entering the trap area, a wall will appear and several waves of Brachiodemons and Infernal Phantoms will start to spawn. Once the 2 minutes end, you have a few seconds to loot the remaining corpses and then you'll be teleported to the room south or north of the trap. Then, go down the stairs to proceed.

The recommended strategy is to run to a corner where the shooters will be near the wall and the Knight a few steps into the spawn, so the creatures automatically target him/her when they spawn. Consistent damage is of utmost importance here as the most common cause of failure is the inability to kill the creatures as fast as necessary, which end up targeting the shooters. It may be a good idea for some of the shooters to use Damage Prey on Brachiodemons since it will considerably increase the team's damage power.

latest?cb=20200722154610&path-prefix=en&format=originalFile:Claustrophobic Inferno Map.png

Note that after being inside one of the trap areas players have to wait five minutes before they can enter that area again.

After the third trap, the team will be sent to a room with a Fog Portal that will lead to Goshnar's Malice lever room.

Goshnar's Malice

Battle recommendations:
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Ice Protection Icon.gif
Equip Ice Damage Protection during this fight. Knight only (Malice's wave and beam)

Goshnar's Malice.gif
This boss is relatively simple, though you should not underestimate it as it deals very high damage to everyone involved. As with all the other bosses of the quest, it's recommended that everyone has plenty of Stone Skin Amulets to wear during the whole fight. Furthermore:

  • Goshnar's Malice heals itself when it deals damage, so it's very important that the team members avoid being hit by its spells.
  • Goshnar's Malice reflects damage, which will mean the shooters SSAs will be consumed even if they aren't being directly targeted, so constant replacement will be necessary.

Once in the room, the first thing the team must do is make sure the blocker has all the creatures on him: Goshnar's Malice, two Dreadful Harvesters and two Malicious Souls. During the fight, there are two mechanics the team must deal with:

Soul Cage: A Soul Cage will appear in the north of the room. All shooters must attack to kill it as fast as possible, otherwise the boss will become stronger and take less damage, which may lead to failure due to lack of time.

White tiles: Several white tiles will appear around the room, and their position will not always be the same. Three seconds later, all the tiles that did not change will be hit with a Red Smoke Effect which deals 8,000 Death Damage. Shooters can move to the white tiles to avoid this damage, though another feasible strategy is to simply take the damage while wearing a Stone Skin Amulet, a Might Ring (for the paladin and the knight) and one equipment imbued with Powerful Lich Shroud, which means taking 1150/1400 (with/without a might Ring) damage. This can be done so everyone keep focusing on the Soul Cage or the boss.

Keep attacking the boss while dealing with the two mechanics to defeat Goshnar's Malice.

Hunt the Apparitions (Mirrored Nightmare)

Enter this area through the rightmost Fog Portal to arrive at the safe zone. To access the boss room, kill 25 of each vocation's apparition: Druid's Apparition, Knight's Apparition, Paladin's Apparition and Sorcerer's Apparition. After that, proceed to the Portal in the temple, as shown below.

Soul War Quest - Mirrored Nightmare Map.png

Goshnar's Greed

Goshnar's Greed.gif

At the beginning of the fight, Goshnar's Greed will be immune to all damage. The first mechanic of this boss is necessary to make the boss vulnerable. This mechanic should be dealt with by the shooters while the Knight blocks the boss north of the room. Since there's no point in attacking the boss for now, the Knight can run back and forth from right to left to mitigate the damage taken during this part of the fight.


A Greedbeast will spawn at the center of the room. It must be killed as fast as possible, because once 5 Greedbeasts are killed, you'll have some time to attack Goshnar's Greed. Sudden Death Runes should be used by the shooters to kill it.

Soul Sphere

When the boss becomes vulnerable, it will be locked in place north-west of the room. When this happens, all players but one should focus on the boss. The final shooter will focus on the Soul Sphere that appears to the right and start moving towards the boss. It must be killed before it reaches Goshnar's Greed.

Week Soul

The other mechanic the shooters have to deal with is necessary to prevent the boss from getting stronger. Two Weak Souls will spawn at the center of the room (one to the left and one to the right), as well as one Soulsnatcher. They must be forced to walk on top of one of the Blue Vortices Active Spirit Vortex around the room, so it disappears. The Vortices keep changing between Vortex and Crystal, so the team must pay attention and move quickly. If they aren't removed from the room in 8 seconds, they'll become stronger (first a Strong Soul and then a Powerful Soul) and after that strengthen the boss.

Repeat these mechanics until you kill Goshnar's Greed.

Hunt the Hazardous Phantoms (Ebb and Flow)

Note: The creatures present in this area can use Fear on you. Fearing is a Status Condition in which a character will start walking towards the direction he was facing for 3 seconds and will not be able to stop or change the movement direction until this time has passed. The best way of dealing with Fear is to throw field runes (such as Fire Fields, which last longer) under your feet, which will prevent your character from walking when feared.

Enter this area through the middle Fog Portal to arrive at the safe zone. To access the boss room you have to kill 7 Hazardous Phantoms that appear around this area.

The challenge, however, is that the map of this area switches between flooded and dry every 2 minutes.

  • When it's flooded you can move between buildings if you're on their roof using the rafts between them, but you cannot use the ramps to go down down to the lower floor. You can use the holes to go inside the buildings, but you will not be able to climb back up nor to leave by their doors.
  • When it's dry you can move freely on the lower floor into and around the buildings and also use the ramps to go up, but you will not be able to jump between the buildings on the upper floor.

To help you have an idea of how long until the map floods again you can keep an eye on the small water pools on the ground (see image). They change from small to medium size 80 seconds after it dries out, meaning you have another 40 seconds to stay on the flooded area. If you are on the lower floor outside a building and the map floods you will be sent back to the starting point. If you're on the upper floor on a raft, you will fall to the lower floor.

Soul War Quest - Ebb and Flow pools.gif

The easiest way of doing this access - albeit not the fastest - is to first run to the past platform by the boss teleport (south-east), stay there and throw Fire Bomb Runes all around the floor. Then all you have to do is keep killing the creatures that spawn and, some times, you'll kill Hazardous Phantoms as well.

Goshnar's Spite

Battle recommendations:
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon.gif
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight.
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight.
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight.
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.

Goshnar's Spite.gif
The fight against Goshnar's Spite has three different mechanics that the team must deal with while attacking the boss:

  • The main mechanic is stepping on the purple flames that appear in the room every 14 seconds on one of the sides. When the flame appears, one player must step on it, which will make it disappear (The soul fire was stomped out in time! Your soul will now have to recover before you can do this again.). After doing that, however, a cooldown will start and this player won't be able to remove flames for 60 seconds (Your soul has recovered!). Thus, all players in the team must take turns in a fixed order stepping on the flames. Failing to do so will make the boss stronger.
  • If you step on a pool of water on the floor, you'll be transformed into a Water Elemental (You are soaked by tears of the weeping soul!). Transformed characters will take massive electrical damage from the summon's energy attacks. Since you won't be able to avoid this mechanic all the time, it's recommended to wear Energy Damage protection.
  • Players may also get Feared during the battle.

Besides the boss, you'll also be facing the usual Dreadful Harvesters, Weeping Souls and Spiteful Spitters. The recommended strategy is to have the blocker at the center of the room with the boss, while the shooters run around avoiding the summons. If too many summons are alive at the same time, area attacks such as Great Fireball Runes can be used to clear the room. Other than that, mages should use spells and Sudden Death Runes to attack Goshnar's Spite.

Charging Up (Furious Crater)

Enter this area through the fourth (from left) Fog Portal to arrive at the safe zone. In order to move further down you need to collect 40, 55 and 70 Pulsating Energies Pulsating Energy in each floor, respectively. To collect the energies, kill the creatures and then walk over energies that appear. You can track your progress using the Quest Log.

Cloak of Terror.gif

Beware that Cloaks of Terror have two special mechanisms. When they are hit a pool of The Blood of Cloak of Terror The Blood of Cloak of Terror will appear underneath it. It's similar to an Energy Field but deals a lot more damage when stepped on, depending on the character's total health and the pool size (large, medium or small). The maximum damage seems to be about 20% of the character's maxium health. Furthermore, Cloaks of Terror will heal between 1500 and 2000 hitpoints if they walk over their blood.

Goshnar's Cruelty

Goshnar's Cruelty.gif
Battle recommendations:
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.

Dreadful Harvester

Attention: Inside this boss room there will be two Dreadful Harvesters. These creatures deal extremely high Death Damage, up to 6k in one hit. They respawn if killed, so focusing on that is pointless. The recommended strategy is to simply have the knight block them during the fight. If the team has at least one Taint, the Dreadful Harvesters will sometimes teleport to them, so it's recommended that all shooters wear Stone Skin Amulets Stone Skin Amulet during the whole fight. There will also be a constant spawn of a Mean Maw, which should also be blocked by the Knight and ignored.

Poor Soul

This fight requires strong coordination in order to finish in time. As the time passes, Goshnar's Cruelty will become more resistant and thus take less damage. To slow down this process, the team must do the following mechanic: throughout the fight, Poor Souls will spawn near the south wall. A shooter should stay near it and then bring it to the north side, in front of A Greedy Eye. When the Greedy Eye hits the Poor Soul with its beam, the Poor Soul will die and Some Mortal Essence Some Mortal Essence appear on the floor. Then, pickup the Essence and bring it to where the Poor Soul spawned, and use it on the Greedy Maw Greedy Maw. A second factor to this mechanic is that there is a cooldown to do it, so at least 2 players should take turns.

Massive Fire Elemental.gif
There's also an independent mechanic that needs to be minded. Every now and then, one of the team members will be transformed into a Massive Fire Elemental, and explode dealing 2500 damage around him shortly after. Of course, all players should try to avoid this damage by staying away from the transformed team member.

Needless to say, during these mechanics the team should do as much damage to the boss as they can, specially since this is such a time-sensitive fight.

Looking for Shrines (Rotten Wasteland)

Note: The creatures present in this area can use Root on you. Rooting is a Status Condition in which a character will be locked in place for 3 seconds and will not be able to move until this time has passed.

Enter the second Fog Portal (from left to right) and you'll be in a safe area. When you enter the teleport to the west, you'll be in the main room of the Rotten Wasteland. To reach the boss of this ground you have to activate a portal by using four different shrines (Blue, Green, Orange and Violet) in the four branches spread out over three floors. You can use your Quest Log to track the shrines you have already activated if you need to.

Each shrine can be reached by following one of the paths from the main room: Blue (south-east), Green (north-west), Orange (north-east) and Violet (south-west). The paths are straightforward, but you'll also find a map to each one below. When you reach the shrine Map Marker Star.png, make sure everyone on the team uses it to get the access. Then, you can enter the teleport Map Marker Flag.png next to the shrine to return to the center of the main room.

After activating all shrines, go all the way to the west in the main room, through the door and down the stairs. Here there will be a portal to the lever room of Goshnar's Hatred.

latest?cb=20200802231951&path-prefix=en&format=originalFile:Soul War Quest - Rotten Wasteland Blue Shrine.png latest?cb=20200802231958&path-prefix=en&format=originalFile:Soul War Quest - Rotten Wasteland Green Shrine.png

latest?cb=20200802232004&path-prefix=en&format=originalFile:Soul War Quest - Rotten Wasteland Orange Shrine.png latest?cb=20200802232012&path-prefix=en&format=originalFile:Soul War Quest - Rotten Wasteland Violet Shrine.png

Goshnar's Hatred

Goshnar's Hatred.gif
During this bossfight there are two mechanics the team must execute while also doing damage to the boss.

Phantasmal Fire (3).gif
The first mechanic is required to prevent or slow down Goshnar's Hatred strengthening. At the center of the room there will be a Flame of Burning Hatred. If the flame grows, Goshnar's Hatred becomes stronger. To prevent it, you have to kill the Hateful Souls in the room and use their corpse Sorrow on the flame. This must be done as often as possible.

Symbol of Hatred.gif
The second mechanic involves an individual debuff that all characters are susceptible to. Near the character name, below the Party or Guild icon, there will be another icon that looks a small paper with a battle sign on it, representing The Dread's Torment. It starts at zero and increases by one every 3 seconds. If the dread counter reaches 30, the character will be weakened (how?). To remove the dread, you have to destroy the pillars that spawn east and west in the room (Symbol of Hatred) and then step on its remains.

To do both mechanics at the same time, it's recommended that the team constantly moves between the two pillars, attacking it, the boss and the Hatred Souls at the same time. When a Hateful Soul dies, its corpse can be thrown near the flame by the knight for another player to use. At the same time, the team members should take turns in resetting their dread so they don't receive the debuff.

During the fight there will also be Dreadful Harvesters in the room, which may teleport to the shooters if they have the first of Goshnar's Taints. Thus, it's recommended to wear Stone Skin Amulets during the whole fight. For the team to succeed, the mechanics must be executed very efficiently and no time can be wasted, otherwise the team will get weaker and the boss stronger.

Goshnar's Megalomania


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The final boss is a combination of all previous bosses, with many of the same mechanics. Goshnar's Megalomania has 3 stages which he will constantly switch during the fight:

  • Goshnar's Megalomania.gif: It starts immune to all damage;
  • Goshnar's Megalomania (Vulnerable).gif: When it looks like a Lich, it's vulnerable to attacks;
  • Goshnar's Megalomania (Annihilation).gif: When it becomes completely blue it will channel its Annihilation attack.

The mechanics during the fight are:

  • Aspect of Power.gif When Goshnar's Megalomania is invulnerable, you must kill 4 Aspects of Power to make it vulnerable.
  • Lesser Splinter of Madness During the fight, Lesser Splinters of Madness will spawn. After some time, they'll become Greater Splinters of Madness and then Mighty Splinters of Madness. To get rid of them, you'll have to make make them walk over the corpse of Aspects of Power Phantasmal Ooze. When they die, they'll become a Cleansed Sanity Cleansed Sanity which must be used on the Greedy Maw Greedy Maw south of the room, like in the fight against Goshnar's Cruelty.
  • Necromantic Focus Curse: Two Necromantic Focuses will constantly spawn in the room. You must kill them and step on its remains Necromantic Remains to reset your curse counter, as during the fight against Goshnar's Hatred, but here the curse increases on a lower pace. You can also reset the Curse by stepping on Phantasmal Ooze, but these are also necessary for the Splinters so you must have this in mind.
  • Massive Fire Elemental.gif A player will be randomly transformed into a Massive Fire Elemental and explode after some time.
  • White Stone Tile.gif: White tiles will appear on the floor, and a few seconds later massive Death Damage will be dealt on players not stepping on them, similar to the fight against Goshnar's Malice.
  • Phantasmal Attacks: Similar to Goshnar's Spite, if you step on a Phantasmal Ooze, you'll become more vulnerable to "Phantasmal Attacks". Every 30 seconds or less, all players will take minor "Phantasmal Attacks", which deal energy damage.
  • Goshnar's Megalomania (Annihilation).gif Annihilation: Goshnar's Megalomania will change to a total blue outfit, lock in place and yell ENOUGH! I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR YOUR INSOLENCE! NOW - I - WILL - ANIHILATE - YOU!. All players should run away from the boss to avoid this attack.

Due to the amount of different mechanics, this fight can be overwhelming if the team isn't alert. The main shooter's focus during the battle will mostly switch between the Aspects of Power and the vulnerable boss. The Knight should block the boss at the center of the room and the shooters should try to stay far from each other on the corners of a square around the boss, to avoid damaging each other with the Fire explosion and the Painful Energy emitions. This positioning will also help the shooters avoid Goshnar's Megalomania strong wave and beam.

When the boss becomes Vulnerable, the team must do as much damage to it as possible. At the same time, you must keep killing the Aspects of Power since they are essential for some of the other mechanics. Mage's waves and Knight's spells are of utmost important here to do damage to both at the same time.


After defeating the boss you will receive the Revenant Outfits. To take your Soul Set item, enter the portal behind a Flickering Soul in the main room and open the Brass-Shod Chest. One item will be given to you at random. The Magic Forcefield in this room will send you to Thais' depot.



Player: hi
Flickering Soul: Be greeted, living soul!
Player: task
Flickering Soul: I'm aware I have no right to ask and I have little to offer as a payment, but I ask you nonetheless. Will you face my fettered vices and destroy them for me?
Player: yes
Flickering Soul: Thank you for accepting this burden.

Soul War Quest