Soul Points were introduced as an Anti-Cheat Measure in the Summer Update 2005 to prevent macro users from endlessly creating runes. Soul points are required for most enchant spells, as well as conjuring items and creating runes.
Free Account characters have a maximum of 100 soul points and Premium Account characters have a maximum of 200. Soul points restore automatically over time when hunting, sleeping and staying in resting zones with Soul Point Regeneration bonus active.
You can see your current amount of soul points by your Inventory, below the ring slot.

Using Soul Points

Soul points get used up when creating runes or conjuring items. Every rune spell requires a number of soul points for it to happen. This can range from 1 to 5 soul points per spell. This also means that as knights are the only profession who as of now cannot create runes or conjure items, they do not make any use of their soul points.
If you do not have sufficient soul points to cast a spell, it will take no effect until you regenerate enough of them again.

Soul Points Table: Runes

Icon Rune Soul Points
Mana Mana
per SP
Animate Dead Animate Dead 5 600 120
Cure Poison Rune Cure Poison Rune 1 200 200
Avalanche Avalanche 3 530 177
Chameleon Chameleon 2 600 300
Convince Creature Convince Creature 3 200 67
Disintegrate Desintegrate 3 200 67
Destroy Field Destroy Field 2 120 60
Energy Field Energy Field 2 320 160
Energy Wall Energy Wall 5 1000 200
Energy Bomb Energy Bomb 5 880 176
Explosion Explosion 4 570 142.5
Fire Field Fire Field 1 240 240
Fire Wall Fire Wall 4 780 195
Fireball Fireball 3 460 154
Fire Bomb Fire Bomb 4 600 150
Great Fireball Great Fireball 3 530 177
Heavy Magic Missile Heavy Magic Missile 2 350 175
Holy Missile Holy Missile 3 300 100
Icicle Icicle 3 460 154
Intense Healing Rune Intense Healing Rune 2 120 60
Light Magic Missile Light Magic Missile 1 120 120
Magic Wall Magic Wall 5 750 150
Paralyse Paralyse 3 1400 467
Poison Bomb Poison Bomb 2 520 260
Poison Field Poison Field 1 200 200
Poison Wall Poison Wall 3 640 214
Soulfire Soulfire 3 420 140
Stalagmite Stalagmite 2 350 175
Stone Shower Stone Shower 3 430 144
Sudden Death Sudden Death 5 985 197
Ultimate Healing Rune Ultimate Healing Rune 3 400 134

Soul Points Table: Conjuring/Supply Spells

Image Spell Soul Points
Conjure Arrow Conjure Arrow 1
Enchant Spear Enchant Spear 3
Food (Spell) Food 1

Soul Points: Enchanting

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Premium Account Sorcerers and Druids have the ability to enchant small gems and charge them with elemental properties. These enchantments can only take place at Holy Shrines (usually located in city temples), which only mages of level 30 or higher may enter.

In the process, Druids can create small enchanted sapphires (ice element) and small enchanted emeralds (earth element), while Sorcerers create small enchanted rubies (fire element) and small enchanted amethyst (energy element). The enchantment costs 300 mana points and 2 soul points.

For more information see: Enchanting.

Regenerating Soul Points

There are three ways to regenerate Soul Points:

Firstly, Soul Points are generated by hunting Creatures around Tibia. However, this is dependant on player's level, because in order to regenerate Soul Points, hunted monsters have to yield experience equal to or higher than player's level.

This means that a level 50 Paladin will be regenerating their Soul Points after killing a Cyclops (Cyclops yield 150 exp.), but killing a Wolf (18 exp.) will have no effect. Note that the stamina bonus experience does count towards this effect. This means that as long as you receive enough experience from killing a monster, even if it was only due to bonus stamina, your Soul Points will still regenerate. However, the experience from killing several creatures at the same time does not stack (e.g. using a great fireball rune on 10 snakes will count the same as killing only one snake).

Killing a monster will trigger Soul Points to regenerate for 4 minutes. If in that time the player kills another monster, the 4 minute counter will reset. However, killing a monster that yields less experience than the player's level will prevent the regeneration from happening until a strong enough creature is killed again.

Regular characters regenerate Soul Points at a rate of 1 Soul Point every 2 minutes, while Promoted characters' Soul Points regenerate at a rate of 1 Soul Point every 16 seconds (total of 15 Soul Points in 4 minutes).

Secondly, Premium characters can regenerate their Soul Points by sleeping in a bed. This method does not require killing creatures and will regenerate 1 Soul Point every 15 minutes.

Thirdly, you can also regain Soul Points inside Resting Areas after reaching a 7 day streak on the Daily Reward System. The regeneration speed inside resting areas will be same as the first one mentioned here, so 1 point every 2 minutes or 16 seconds for regular and promoted characters, respectively. Together with the double mana regeneration bonus this is a very good way to train your magic level cheaply by making runes.

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