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The name Solera is most likely derived from the word "Sol", which means "Sun" in several romanic (Spanish, Portuguese) and north-Germanic languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish).

See also the Official War Statistic.

Bez tytułu

Dorion's House and 2 thunder hammers

Queen's sceptre

Eks Cross house in Venore Solera, with the First Queen's Sceptre on Tibia.

  • Morgaroth appeared again on Feb. 2nd 2010, it was killed and dropped: Loot of Morgaroth: 35 platinum coins, demonic essence, a demon horn, the ironworker, a death ring, a crystal ball, 7 small amethysts, the stomper, a dark lord's cape, a great spirit potion, a gold ingot.
  • Morgaroth returned for the third time on Feb. 19th 2010, it dropped: Loot of Morgaroth: a green gem, 18 platinum coins, demonic essence, the devileye, a ring of healing, a life crystal, 8 small sapphires, a giant sword, a mastermind shield, a great spirit potion.
  • War * Another war started in 2009 when the guild Sabbat planned to turn against their allies ( the guild Tamo Siguinedi ), which led to a union between the Brazilian players after a long period of problems between them. The war is still going, no one knows who will be the winner.
  • War * August 30, 2010, a team of Americans and Candians, the ruberan transfers and the guild Prophecy, joined together to sneaked Sabbat and officially joined the war. The guilds Sabbat/Fearless Invaders and New Dawn fought in a war system in which New Dawn beat Sabbat with the score of 563 - 447. The second war system ended with the score of 68-53, Sabbat, yet again losing. The war is still going on to this day.

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