You see Smiley
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  • Spellssssssssss... druidssssssss....


Venore magic shop, east of the depot and temple.


Smiley works in The Magic Bazar. He looks like a Demon Skeleton.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Druid spells Req. level Spell cost
Chill Out10 gp
Magic Patch10 gp
Mud Attack10 gp
Apprentice's Strike80 gp
Find Person880 gp
Light80 gp
Light Healing80 gp
Cure Poison10150 gp
Great Light13500 gp
Food (Spell)14300 gp
Magic Shield14450 gp
Poison Field14300 gp
Cure Poison Rune15600 gp
Intense Healing Rune15600 gp
Fire Field15500 gp
Light Magic Missile15500 gp
Convince Creature16800 gp
Destroy Field17700 gp
Energy Field18700 gp
Ice Wave18850 gp
Intense Healing20350 gp
Creature Illusion231,000 gp
Ultimate Healing Rune241,500 gp
Stalagmite241,400 gp
Find Fiend251,000 gp
Heavy Magic Missile251,500 gp
Summon Creature252,000 gp
Chameleon271,300 gp
Fire Bomb271,500 gp
Poison Wall291,600 gp
Ultimate Healing301,000 gp
Avalanche301,200 gp
Explosion311,800 gp
Fire Wall332,000 gp
Invisible352,000 gp
Terra Wave382,500 gp
Energy Wall412,500 gp