You see a small diamond.
It weighs 0.10 oz.


If you have the highest rank of the Nightmare Knights or Brotherhood of Bones, you can use one small diamond to make a Document of the Follower, Document of the Officer or Document of the Leader which are needed to get both the Nightmare outfit and the Brotherhood of Bones outfit.

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10 can be obtained from the Behemoth Quest and the Sea of Light Quest, 7 from the Fire Axe Quest, 3 from the Silver Brooch Quest, 2 from the Elvenbane Quest, and one from the Geomancer Quest and the Mintwallin Cyclops Quest. 40 of these can also be obtained if you have lit all 10 basins during the Lightbearer Event on a winning server. Can also be obtained from Shiny Stones.
See also: Shiny Stone/Refining Statistics
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In ancient times before the platinum coin was implemented into the game, diamonds where used as a form of currency as they took up less space in your depot. The richest people had even backpacks of diamonds.

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