Sleeping2.gif Premium characters with access to a player-ownable House or Guildhall can sleep in beds.


Sleeping in bed has the main benefits of regenerating soul points, hitpoints and mana while offline. Stamina regenerates as it does normally, and Offline Training can also be done while sleeping, though it is also possible to do that by Training Schools.


Sleeping can be initiated by simply using a bed inside a house, this will log you out and change the bed graphic to include a character. Only one person may be in a bed at any time.


House owners can kick characters out of their beds by using the bed they are sleeping in. When a character is kicked out of a bed,


While sleeping, you will regenerate mana and hitpoints while you are not hungry. Soul points will also regenerate while you are sleeping. Stamina will regenerate the same as normal. The details are:

  • Hit points and mana will regenerate at a rate of 1 per 15 seconds (240/hour). It only regenerates while your food lasts.
  • Food will last 5 times longer than normal. A "full stomach" will last 100 minutes (1:40) in a bed, or 20 minutes online.
  • Soul Points will regenerate at a rate of 1/15 minutes. It regenerates independently, you do not need to kill monsters unlike normal regeneration.
  • Offline Training rates are the standard ones in Training Schools
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