A member of the Explorer Society tried to find out more about the Venore Amazon Camp and lost his way.


Venore Amazon Camp.


Amazons, Valkyries, Witches and a few Lions.

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Note: Two separate quests listed are listed on this page, since they are very close to each other and have similar requirements. However, the spoiler will be in two parts. These quests are not complicated; the only difficulty is defeating the creatures that guard the rewards.

Required Equipment

Adviced level and skills

(Taken from Hunting Places Amazon Camp):
Knights: At least level 9 and skills 45/40.
Paladins: At least level 9 and 40 distance.
Mages: At least level 7.
Watch out for lured Witches!

Witch Hill (Skull of Ratha)

Travel through Green Claw Swamp to the Amazon Encampment, North of Venore.

"Witch Hill" is located near the center of the camp, here.
Skull of Ratha Quest Map 1.png
After defeating two Witches, three Valkeries and two Lions, open the two boxes to obtain 2 bags: one containing a White Pearl, the Skull of Ratha and a second containing a Wolf Tooth Chain and a Dwarven Ring. Do not throw the Skull of Ratha away, you can trade it to the Explorer Society outposts in Northport or Port Hope for a 250 gp reward.

Crystal Necklace and Black Pearls

This quest is located under-ground east of "Witch Hill". To get there go downstairs the "Witch house" (purple mark).
Skull of Ratha Quest Map 2.png
Follow the map of this basement in order to obtain your reward, it is guarded by a Witch and 3-5 Valkeries. Once they are defeated, open the chest to find a bag with 100gp, a Crystal Necklace, and 2 Black Pearls.

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