Skills measure one's proficiency in a certain ability. Skills include:

All skills, except Magic level start at level 10, but you can increase them by training. The rate at which the skill increases depends on the player's vocation. For example, a knight's melee skills increases faster than any other vocation. The same goes for paladins' distance skills, and for druids and sorcerer's magic level. The shielding skills of both Knights and Paladins increase at the same speed, and fishing advances at the same rate for all vocations. Also note that Axe Fighting, Club Fighting, Sword Fighting and Fist Fighting can be increased by X amount of skill points depending on the Ring.

The higher the skill, the better you are at a given ability. Higher weapon skills (Distance, Club, Sword, and Axe Fighting) yield higher damage and accuracy. Higher shielding skills make you more likely to block an attack with your shield. Higher magic level allows you to cause more damage with Attack Runes and Spells, or heal more hitpoints with Healing Runes and Spells. Higher fishing skill gives you a better chance of catching fish.

The highest skills are organized in a rank. Each game server has its own statistics, and you can see them arranged by the skill of your choice. The fight for the first place on the skill rank tables has lead to a wave of power gaming.