They say a group of frost giants tortured a prisoner and stole his money.






  • Go to Tyrsung, from Svargrond.
  • Go around the mountain to the east until you reach a staircase going up.
  • On this level are a lot of Frost Giant, mammoths and Frost Giantess'. Begin to head west and follow the cliff face round until you reach a cave.
  • Go down the stairs in the cave.
  • Go north in the new cave then head east until you reach some stairs going down.
  • Head north until you reach a room. In here are quite a lot of frost giants and frost giantess'. The reward is on a table in a barrel in the northern part of the room. See the map for a more detailed explanation on directions.
  • Head back the way you came to leave the island.

Skeleton decoration spoiler map.PNG

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