Some fierce dragons are guarding their treasure with fire..


Orcs, Orc Warriors, 2 Dragons, sometimes lured Bonelord and/or Fire Devil and/or Orc Berserker.


Six Small Rubies

Required equipment


Six Rubies Quest -2.png

  • Follow the pink line from A to B. In words, head south through the first door, then west down the hall until you reach a second door facing south. Go south through this door, then pass the intersection, continue heading south. You'll come to a second intersection where you'll go east. Head south and there will be one or two Orc Warriors. Go down the hole on the east.
  • When you go down the hole, be ready for several Orcs, Orc Spearmen and Orc Warriors, sometimes as many as seven. Sometimes a Bonelord or Orc Berserker is lured.

Six Rubies Quest -3.png

  • Follow the route from A to B again. In words, south and then to the north west until you see stairs leading down with fire underneath. There are no monsters at the bottom of the stairs, so go down.

Six Rubies Quest -4.png

  • Follow the line again, you don't have to walk through Fire Fields, just walk around them. Continue heading south until you see a hole.
  • Beneath this hole are 2 Dragons, on an island surrounded by Lava with some Fire Fields on the island. For most people, its easier to lure the dragons to the roping point, then rope them up, and kill them one at a time. If you are higher level or with some friends you can also just kill the Dragons.

Six Rubies Quest -5.png

  • When you've killed both dragons, head down to the fire covered island, and to the east side of the island you will notice a fire that is covering a hole (the hole is yellow dot on your minimap). Use the Destroy Field rune on the fire, just leaving the hole.

Six Rubies Quest Reward.png

  • Use the hole, and you will get the reward, 6 small rubies. Note, you can't go down the hole, you have to use it.
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