Single Graves are located all over Tibia and are different than big graveyards. This page lists a few single graves, but is rather incomplete.

Grave just outside Dusalk's Troll Clan Cave (here)
You see a grave.
You read: Deraut kadet ul al cadert!
Herot kar Gurxat

Grave in a cave under Treasure Island
You see a grave stone.
You read: See what you have done! Be
cursed, worst Navigator of them all

Grave between Zao's Dragonblaze Peaks (part of the An Uneasy Alliance Quest, here)
You see a grave.
You read: Here rests Mooh'Tah master Svorus

Grave north of Vengoth
You see a grave. You read: Shut your eyes
Kiss me goodbye
And sleep

This grave's text is an Allusion.

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