You see Sinatuki
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South-eastern Grimlund


A Chakoya Windcaller who is forced to live outside Inukaya. Apparently, she is hungry and eats all of your Rainbow Trouts or Green Perches when you talk to her in the Chakoya Language, if you are carrying these sorts of fish.

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Part of the Sinatuki Quest.
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Player: hi/hello
Sinatuki: Sajoq, jinuma!
Player: sajoq
Sinatuki: Sajoq, Player!
Player: sajoq
Sinatuki: Sajoq! <giggles>
Player: jinuma
Sinatuki: Su gura jinuma. Si gura chakoya. <first points at you then at herself>
Player: Player
Sinatuki: Ahh, su gura Player! Si gura Sinatuki.
Player: si gura Player
Sinatuki: Nupi, nupi, achuq!!!! <claps her hands>
Player: chakoya
Sinatuki: Nupi, Sinatuki gura chakoya!
Player: Sinatuki
Sinatuki: Nupi, si gura Sinatuki! Sinatuki jusipa! Jusipa!! <holds her belly and points with her hand at her mouth>
Player: jusipa
Sinatuki: Nupi, nupi!! Tiyopa Sinatuki chuqua! Chuqua, chuqua!!!! <points with her hand at her mouth>
Player: tiyopa
Sinatuki: Nupi, tiyopa chuqua pa Sinatuki!
Player: chuqua
Sinatuki: Chuqua jamjam!! Tiyopa Sinatuki?
Player: jamjam
Sinatuki: Nupi, nupi! Sinatuki gura jusipa! Jinuma ji chuqua pa Sinatuki??
Player: nupi
<(If you have ordinary fish:)>
Sinatuki: <wrinkles her nose, tries what you brought to her and spits it out> Yuk pa chuqua?? Tiyopa taluka chuqua!
<(If you have Green Perch or Rainbow Trout:)>
Sinatuki: Jinuma, suvituka siq chuqua!! Nguraka, nguraka! <happily takes the food from you>
<(If you do not have anything:)>
Sinatuki: Juk?? Jinuma ji quata chuqua! <seems to be confused>
Player: jamjam
Sinatuki: Nupi, nupi! Sinatuki gura jusipa! Jinuma ji chuqua pa Sinatuki??
Player: no
Sinatuki: <shakes her head> Quata? Ohhh!
Player: taluka
Sinatuki: Yuk taluka?? Chuqua? Ahhh! <drives her wand against the floor and makes a gesture like pulling something out of the ground>
Player: nguraka
Sinatuki: Kisavuta! <giggles>
Player: kisavuta
Sinatuki: Nguraka! <giggles>
Player: gukaju/bye
Sinatuki: Gukaju, jinuma!