Property Value
Aliases Mummy Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 0
(40+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active




Greenclaw Swamp


Bonelords, Mummies

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Required Equipment


NOTE: There are a number of ways to reach this cave. Described here is the safest route.
  • Make your way to the cave entrance in Green Claw Swamp (here). The quickest way is to come from the west (by the Dwarf Bridge). You'll need to fall down a partially hidden pitfall.
  • Once in the cave, follow this route to the east. You will face Poison Spiders, Rotworms and sometimes lured Bonelord. Go down the hole:

Silver Brooch Quest Map 01

  • Take this short passage to the south (there are no monsters here), and go down the hole:

Silver Brooch Quest Map 02

  • Follow this path to the east and south. There will be 3 Bonelords in the larger room (you can also lure them 1 by 1 if you don't wish to waste). Once you have killed the Bonelords, use your pick in the circled area on the map:

Silver Brooch Quest Map 03

  • When you go down into the pick hole, you will be faced with up to 5 Mummies in a very small room. kill the mummies and "Use" a coffin on the north end of this room to get your reward.

Silver brooch quest tibia ss map Silver Brooch Quest Reward1

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