You see Siflind
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  • Hmm... the northwind brings bad news.
  • Need potions or magical equipment, my children? Let me know.


Nibelor, second floor of the northern mountain.


Along with Hjaern, Siflind is an extremely adept to the spirit arts. She needs your help against the enemies of the spirits and creatures. She sells runes, potions, magical equipments, and teaches a few spells.

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Player: hi
Siflind: Be greeted, Player. If you are in need of potions or magical equipment, just ask me about my offers.
Player: name
Siflind: I am Siflind, my child.
Player: news
Siflind: News are usually bad news in these times. So be happy if there aren't any news.
Player: how are you
Siflind: The years have been gracious to me, thanks my child.
Player: job
Siflind: I am a shaman. That should tell you everything you want to know, my child. But I also sell some potions, wands and runes.
Player: shaman
Siflind: We are the spiritual shepherds of humanity.
Player: potions
Siflind: We offer health, spirit and mana potions in up to four sizes: normal, strong, great and ultimate. Ask me for a trade to see my offers.
Player: wands
Siflind: In case you'd like a free wand of vortex, just ask me for one. Or would you like to hear about wands in general?
Player: yes
Siflind: The names of the wands are ' Wand of Vortex ', ' Wand of Dragonbreath ', ' Wand of Decay ', ' Wand of Draconia ', ' Wand of Cosmic Energy ', ' Wand of Inferno ', ' Wand of Starstorm ' and ' Wand of Voodoo '.
Player: runes or offers
Siflind: I'm selling spirit, health and mana potions, runes, wands, rods and spellbooks. If you'd like to see all of my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: rumours
Siflind: I don't think much of rumours but in fact there is a story that always comes to my mind. It is more a tale than a rumour, but anyway ...... it says the chakoyas have not always been that hostile. ...
Siflind: There must have been an incident that shook their trust in manhood so strongly that it would last forever. Imagine that we could be friends if only that incident never happened ......... whatever that was.
Player: thais
Siflind: Thais is far away.
Player: edron
Siflind: We hear stories about such distant places now and then.
Player: carlin
Siflind: Those women don't even know whom they are annoying. Else they'd run and hide.
Player: venore
Siflind: Venore is far away.
Player: port hope
Siflind: We hear stories about such distant places now and then.
Player: svargrond
Siflind: The city seems to have brought the needed stability and peace to my people.
Player: barbarian
Siflind: We barbarians are proud people.
Player: barbarian test or honourary or join
Siflind: Some people are granted the position of an honourary barbarian.
Player: Nibelor
Siflind: This is a place of spirituality. I assume that this seems boring for someone as young as you are, my child.
Player: Tyrsung
Siflind: Foreign hunters have set up their camp there. They are hunting the animals there with no mercy. Maybe someone in Svargrond can bring you there.
Player: gods or Uman or Zathroth or Banor
Siflind: The gods only care for those who take care of their own.
Player: leader
Siflind: Sven the Younger has been our jarl for quite a while and he is the best jarl I have ever seen.
Player: jarl
Siflind: The jarl Sven the Younger has learned a lot since his youth. I know him since he was a reckless young hunter. Since then, he has grown and learned much and became a true role model for all young men and women.
Player: king or queen
Siflind: We don't have any need for kings and queens in our lands, my child.
Player: ferumbras
Siflind: Isn't it sad to hear about such a fallen creature.
Player: excalibug
Siflind: It's not here I guess.
Player: cult
Siflind: I heard a secretive group of people passed Svargrond a while ago. Later others followed. We don't know why they came here and where they went.
Player: mines
Siflind: If these mines are really that vital, they will be recaptured one day.
Player: druids
Siflind: Druids are not that different from us shamans.
Player: raiders
Siflind: They are probably so lost and desperate that they cannot see what is best for them. Instead they listen to false promises.
Player: camps
Siflind: The raiders have finally built some steady camps on their own. Considering the whole disagreement which took place about the building of Svargrond, it's obvious that things have changed drastically here.
Player: Chakoyas
Siflind: The chakoyas can be a terrible menace if they aren't kept away.
Player: Bonelords
Siflind: I have never seen such a creature.
Player: Yeti
Siflind: Even an old woman like me has not seen a yeti yet. However, this does not mean that they don't exist.
Player: years of serpents
Siflind: Nobody knows what really happened in the past. Perhaps one day, we will find out the cause for the appearance of the sea serpents and the reason that let them vanish again.
Player: Chyll
Siflind: The north wind hardly notices us humans with our fears and hopes. It's up to us to keep ourselves safe in this wind. We shamans try to help our fellow humans on this path to the best of our abilities.
Player: everspring
Siflind: The afterlife shouldn't concern you too much. Take care about your life and things will work out.
Player: enemies
Siflind: Be careful while exploring. Monsters and raiders are not the only dangers you might have to face. The environment can become an enemy itself.
Player: monsters
Siflind: Monster hunting is quite profitable. If you manage to survive that is.
Player: dwarf or elf
Siflind: They have no business here.
Player: bye
Siflind: Good bye and take care, Player.