The Tibia 10 client has one sidebar on the right, the Flash Client has, by default, one on the right but up to four total with two on each side of the Game Window and the Tibia 11 client can have multiple sidebars on both sides. There are two arrows FlashClient SidebarArrows on the left and right side of the Game Window - click them to expand the sidebars.

Stand Alone Clients


This sidebars always contains the following and they can be dragged up or down in any order (always above the next list):

These can be toggled on and off and be moved up and down (always below the previous list) through the filters, opening containers, or trading. On Tibia 11, these windows can be moved to any one of the additional sidebars.

Flash Client

FlashClient explained

The sidebars always contain:

These can be toggled on and off for each sidebar (one per sidebar, except for containers):

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