You see a shimmer swimmer.
It weighs 9.99 oz.
This fish, and rare ingredient, can only be found in the dirtiest, murkiest and muddiest of waters.


It can be found and fished at Lake Equivocolao, north of Port Hope during the Twisted Waters World Change. Upon catching one, you will receive the following message: A Shimmer Swimmer! It is said that this rare creature only appears once each day in the murkiest of waters! Once fished it will only respawn after 20 hours (character based time, and real life time). Getting this fish can be quite time consuming when using a character with a low fishing skill.

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It can be transformed into:
  • Shimmer Glower Shimmer Glower, when used on an Eye of a DeeplingEye of a Deepling
    (Fitting the deepling eye into the shimmer swimmer and squeezing the surprisingly resilient shimmer swimmer makes him glow!)
  • Shimmer Bow Shimmer Bow, when used on Yielocks Yielocks
    (Stringing the surprisingly strong hairs of the yielothax on the broad shimmer swimmer suddenly transforms him into a bow!)
  • Shimmer Sword Shimmer Sword when used on a FlintstoneFlintstone
    (Sharpening the surprisingly strong nose of the shimmer swimmer with a flintstone suddenly transforms him into a sword!)
  • Shimmer Wand Shimmer Wand, when used on a Broken Ring of EndingBroken Ring of Ending
    (Holding the broken ring of ending near the surprisingly lively eyes of the shimmer swimmer suddenly transforms him into a wand!)
  • Shimmer Rod Shimmer Rod, when used on YielowaxYielowax
    (Waxing the surprisingly dry scales of the shimmer swimmer with the strange yielowax suddenly transforms him into a rod!)
  • Shimmer Ball Shimmer Ball, when used on aBellow Bellow
    (Pumping up the surprisingly sturdy shimmer swimmer with air from the bellow suddenly transforms him into a ball!)

These items lasts for a total of 7 days each, except for the Shimmer Glower and the Shimmer Ball, which will last forever.

If you fish 50 shimmer swimmers, you'll receive the achievement "Biodegradable".
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Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

PemaretCormaya3,000 Gold