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... tracked the witches to their hideout. They had several giants magically enslaved, who worked for them. They are running some shearing opperation. So far our plans seemed to have worked well. We enticed the radicals trying to start a fur trading on their own. Although now it might be easy to drop a hint to the barbarians to detoriate their relationship with Carlin, it might be possible that the witches are more efective in their operations then we are. Therefore I decided to scout their cave and try to kill them so we can rather overtake the operation as a whole instead of busting it. Sadly the damned giants have better noses then eyes and I got caught. The witches forced me to drink something and I lost consciousnes. I'm quite sure I told them everything whle they had drugged me, because they never bothered to ask me anything after I woke up again. Now I'm trapped in a frozen cell. But those witches can't hope to hold someone of my legendary skill for long! I will find my way out and have my revenge.

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