Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Carlin
Position 126.127, 124.33, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Officer
Other Properties
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
You see Shauna.
NPC Bubble D


Carlin Prison


She's the sheriff of Carlin.

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Part of the Green Djinn Quest.
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Player: hail or salutations or hello or hi
Shauna: Howdy, player!
Player: <vanish> or bye
Player: news
Shauna: No news are good news.
Player: queen or leader
Player: job
Shauna: What do you think? I am the sheriff of Carlin.
Player: how are you
Shauna: Just fine.
Player: sell
Shauna: Would you like to buy the general key to the town?
Player: yes
Shauna: Yeah, I bet you'd like to do that! HO, HO, HO!
Player: army or guard
Shauna: If they make trouble, I'll put them behind bars like all others.
Player: general or bonecrusher
Shauna: The Bonecrusher family is ideally suited for military jobs.
Player: enemies or enemy or criminal or murderer
Shauna: If you have a crime to report and clues, then do it, but dont waste my time.
Player: castle
Shauna: The castle is one of the safest places in Carlin.
Player: subject
Shauna: Our people are fine and peaceful.
Player: TBI
Shauna: I bet they spy on us... not my business, however.
Player: Todd
Shauna: I scared this bigmouth so much that he left the town by night. HO, HO, HO!
Player: city
Shauna: The city is is a peacful place, and it's up to me to keep it this way.
Player: Hain
Shauna: He is the guy responsible to keep the sewers working. Someone has to do such kind of jobs. I can't handle all the garbage of the city myself.
Player: Rowenna or weapon
Shauna: Rowenna is one of our local smiths. When you look for weapons, look for Rowenna.
Player: Cornelia or armor
Shauna: Cornelia is one of our local smiths. When you look for armor, look for Cornelia.
Player: Legola
Shauna: She has the sharpest eye in the region, I'd say.
Player: Padreia
Shauna: Her peacefulness is sometimes near stupidity.
Player: god
Shauna: I worship Banor of course.
Player: Banor
Shauna: For me, he's the god of justice.
Player: Zathroth
Shauna: His cult is forbidden in our town.
Player: Brog
Shauna: Wouldn't wonder if some males worship him secretly. HO, HO, HO!
Player: monster
Shauna: I deal more with the human mosters, you know? HO, HO, HO!
Player: Excalibug
Shauna: Would certainly make a good butterknife. HO, HO, HO!
Player: rebellion
Shauna: The only thing that rebels here now and then is the stomach of a male after trying to make illegal alcohol. HO, HO, HO!
Player: alcohol
Shauna: For obvious reasons it's forbidden in our city.
Player: waterpipe or pipe
Shauna: Oh, there's a waterpipe in one of my cells? ...
Shauna: I guess my last prisoner forgot it there.
Player: prisoner
Shauna: My last prisoner? Hmm. ...
Shauna: I think he was some guy from Darama. Can't remember his name. ...
Shauna: He was here just for one night, because he got drunk and annoyed our citizens. ...
Shauna: Obviously he wasn't pleased with this place, because he headed for Thais the next day. ...
Shauna: Something tells me that he won't stay out of trouble for too long.
Player: fuck or idiot or asshole or ass or fag or stupid or tyrant or shit or lunatic
Shauna: Take this!

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