For the Achievement see Sharpshooter (Achievement).

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Increases the distance skill of the paladin by 50% for 10 seconds. While the spell is in effect, the paladin's speed is reduced by 70%, they cannot cast healing, support or supply spells.


This spell increases the distance skill of the paladin by half of his unmodified distance skill. That is, 50% of the distance skill if there are no boosts obtained from spells, equipment or other items. The increase rounds up if the unmodified distance skill is an odd number. This spell applies a paralysis on the paladin, and a 10 second cooldown to both the healing and support channels, preventing the player from healing himself or dispelling the paralysis with Haste. Other players can still heal the paladin to dispel his paralysis, but they cannot affect the cooldowns. This spell cannot be learned simultaneously with Swift Foot, but if they have both been learned before, the paladin can switch them for a fee of 500gp at Zoltan. Equipment bonuses stack with Sharpshooter's effects, but the gains from Sharpshooter are lost if another magical buff is applied to your distance, such as distance reduction from monsters or from Bullseye Potions. Likewise, if a buff is already active, whether positive or negative, it will be overwritten by Sharpshooter, and even if Sharpshooter wears off, the previous buff will not be reapplied.

The following table shows a few examples.

Before After Difference
70 105 +35
85 128 +43
100 150 +50
110 165 +55
125 188 +63
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