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Shanera was merged along with Balera and Jamera into a new world Garnera on August 14, 2014.

Additional Information


Despite not being such an old server, the prices of most items in Shanera are very close to NPC prices, and rare items such as soft boots and avengers can be usually gotten for low prices, there are a few wealthy players, displaying fortunes up to 10kk on their house balcony in piles of crystal coins.

It's easy for newcomers to obtain new equipment as a low level thanks to the low prices, but due to the server's aggressive population, it's also very likely they will lose it to a player killer if they're hunting in a free account area. Most higher leveled players will find it hard to make a profit since rare item prices are usually very low.


Shanera is currently a normal population server, usually 450 players on average and up to 600 on peak times, there is a heavy contrast among population of free account cities and premium account cities. Lately major free account cities have been overrun by player killers, the positive side these PK's barely reach above level 30, so retaliation is easy. That doesn't mean this world is taken over by PK's, players are still able to hunt and get along with other players.

The nationality of Shanera consists mainly of Brazilian players, but there are also other players which come from America, Canada, Argentina, Chile, and Sweden. There are many problems however between nations in game and some players hunt others for not speaking a certain language.

Additional Info

  • November 2010, Shanera is currently at war Compulsion vs Flawless victory, the war happened after 3 from the 4 Leaders of Flawless Victory fight themselves, Niz Skirk fight with Jannzin Kuatxih and Zercker. After the fight Niz Skirk was kicked from the guild and founded a new guild. The guild Flawless victory had the war almost won when decided to made Shtriga [4 leader] hunted, now the situation on Shanera is different, Compulsion have the war almost won.
  • War finished at September 2010 on Shanera, the currently guild under power is Flawless victory .
  • February 2010, a team arrived from Balera to found Flawless victory, some members from Severance already leaved the guild and joinned at Flawless victory. War was equal till other team arrive from Tenebra and more few members from Severance join at Flawless victory, from now Severance became a PK team attacking from time to time.

Shanera is known for being constantly war torn.

  • At first Shanera was ruled by a guild called Destiny, which had one of the top tibian players: Soster (level 190 mage in 2006) and Ralls (paladin at the same level in 2006). After being defeated by the guild Nextisonfire (or just Next), these players were hunted and Shanera was ruled for more than 2 years (2006, 2007 and first months of 2008) by this guild, which has won more than 10 consecutive wars and kept Shanera in a kind of dictatorship. Next was the kind of guild with strong but not so high-leveled characters, so they tried to control shanerians in order not to let them make experience. They were mostly abusive players, until Paranormal Attack came around to confront Next in a war and eventually hunt them off. After that the majority of the members of Paranormal Attack created a guild called Demolish. As with any alpha guild, it carried power abuse problems, coupled to internal problem which led to the formation of Doum, which fought remarkably well with a considerably smaller amount of money and lower leveled characters.
  • Notable events during that war: Demolish vs Doum, Ghost Lider got deleted in the first battle by banning himself by killing noob characters while having a deletion warning.
  • After the war was over, guild Drama was created, due to internal problems and some members from their guild abusing their power and the guild's name, the guild was finally disintegrated and split into two major guilds, Omnislash and Next, leading to another war...
  • The last war situation was Omnislash + Bye vs. Mavuc + Next, after a few battles the guild doum (later disbanded and recreated as darkstalkers) joined Omnislash in battle, while next got the support of the newfounded guild prophets of justice. Then after another open battle, next and all related guilds were disbanded, and then joined into a guild named rise of darkness, subdivided according to the member's old guild membership (next of the rise of darkness, mavuc of the rise of darkness, etc.). In the end Omnislash won the war regardless of all the allies that joined the opposing side.

Shanera Rares

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